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Best Gift for Kids Okido Subscription AD

Over the last 6 months, we have been loving our OKIDO magazines through the post. They make the perfect gift for children and today I would like to share with you all the fun they have brought to our household. I honestly can't recommend these STEM magazines enough for your children.

Firstly, receiving post is pretty awesome, so the excitement amongst the children of a new magazine landing has been a highlight during this time. The content in each magazine has lasted us the full month as they are jam-packed with activities, recipes and challenges. Often with content like this, we aren't compelled to do all the pages in the book but every single page has been thoroughly enjoyed, with sheer quality learning. 

The content is carefully brought together by scientific and educational experts who value the importance of learning through play. The magazine is aimed at children aged 3-7 years, but even my 10-year-old has absolutely loved the content and has been very keen to take part in the experiments and crafts. 

The activities bring hands-on fun using items we have around the home so you don't have to go and buy resources to complete the challenges and learn. 

From a parent's perspective, I love that every month we have been given a new topic to focus on. I have had to do very little to give quality play and learning to the children along the variety of topics as it has all been done for me. This is a game-changer for busy households and learning settings!

When the children have needed some focus - we have been bringing the magazines out and doing a page or two at a time. It has been a lovely way to encourage some focused one-on-one time. 

More and more we are considering our consumerism. We are becoming more conscious of a product's value before spending money on it. We are striving to reduce plastic tat that ends up stuffed inside a box bringing very little quality to our children. 

This magazine would, without question make the perfect gift for any child! Packed with quality content across 48 pages they provide fun, immersive STEM learning. Before long your children will have a library of STEM content - topics ranging from space, emotions, the human body and bugs whilst encouraging and igniting curiosity, collaboration, discovery, exploration, critical thinking and creativity.

The magazines are printed on FSC-certified paper using biodegradable vegetable inks. They will stand the test of time as they use quality thick matt paper, unlike magazines you usually find in stores. 

Each magazine will grab your child's interest, whilst they learn by doing, through play. Which we know is the best way for children to learn! 

My children have really grown to love the characters and structure within the pages over the last several months. We have had a really positive experience all around. 

Not only do you have the magazines but each month a new section lands on the app too providing lots of interactive fun linked to the topic in this month's magazine. You can access the content anytime, anywhere which is convenient when our children are seeking to venture onto our phones/tables whilst we are out and about. 

The new content added each month means your children won't get bored of the same content. 

My children 6 and 10 have learnt a lot from these magazines. I have even looked at reciting things that we covered in the first magazines and because we did physical things to learn about the concepts they have retained the knowledge. 

The back pages where they share what other children have been doing with the magazines really do make you feel like you're part of a very special family. I love the thought of all these households getting the same content as us and working their way through it just like we are. 

From science experiments in the garden, to logical thinking, to nature journey sticks on our walk to our sneezing germ shooter - it has all been so much fun!

If you are seeking a gift that keeps on giving. A gift that won't end up in a box, unplayed with. If a gift offers quality and endless fun for the children, then an OKIDO magazine subscription is the one! 

The Okido world is for everyone! It is a stereotype-free zone because they believe in promoting equality. A subscription can be cancelled at any time. You could be paying as little as £4.16 for this magazine! If you see a previous copy that you think your children will enjoy you have access to buying these magazines too. 

You can read more about Okido and all they have to offer here on its website.

We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Okido over the last few months. All thoughts and opinions are our own as part of our honest review. 

Learning Through Play
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