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My Aspergers Boy

My Aspergers Boy

Can you even begin to see, 
How life is different for me?

Sudden or loud noises I often dread, 
Or the wind howling around my head.

I cover my ears to block it out, 
Feeling angered, I often shout.

Too many people make me feel penned in, 
Just like sardines squashed in a tin.

I'll clap my hands in an excitable way, 
Knowing that I am happy with something today.

Loving kisses and cuddles from those close to me, 
But from anyone else, I won't, sorry!

Lot's of steps to take and achieve over periods of time, 
we eventually make it to the end of the line.

Hair washes and haircuts are a definite NO! 
Screaming and tantrums when we have to go.

Fireworks that come usually once a year, 
Still make me frightened and tremble with fear.

Way up high into the sky they go,
Feeling anxious, watching from a window.

If you could reach inside my mind, 
There are so many differences that you will find.

You see,the information that I am taught, 
Can stay a while, deep in thought.

My social skills have greatly improved too,
I am now able to hold a conversation with you!

With my friends,I will join in and hide, 
Where as before, I would only play alongside.

In the classroom,I sit with my friend, who is similar to me, 
He has Aspergers too, there is a pattern you see.

Making up stories, I love to do at school, 
They have super hero's, who are very cool!

Different interests I had, would become obsessive to me, 
there was bowling, playing cards, and also monopoly.

Collecting different versions of the things I adored, 
And never once got tired or even bored.

Lego is another favourite of mine, 
Building just what I liked all of the time.

All of the things I build you will be able to see, 
That they turn out and look just like they should be!

Change is a thing that can confuse me, 
I need to know exactly how everything should be.

Whether I am told or given a visual display, 
It helps me to be clear in my mind, day to day.

I need to know that everything is "just so", 
And to point me in the direction I need to go.

So there you are,and you may now see, 
How life is different for me

A beautiful poem written by Charlotte Olson, giving an insight to some of the difficulties a child with Aspergers faces day to day.
I would like to say a big thank you to Charlotte for giving us permission to share her poem!
Charlotte has published a great collection of children's stories. 

View more information by clicking the post below or visiting Suzie Books online.

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