What Parents should do to unwind

No matter how hard we try as parents, I have come to the conclusion that is it impossible to beat the clock. There are only so many hours in a day and I need double that for all the jobs and roles I have to fulfil. I'm sure you feel the same!?

Witches Hats Halloween Activity

Witches Hats - Halloween Activity - Learning and Exploring Through Play
I don't quite know why but my 3 year old still hasn't got over the Halloween from last year. She regularly pops on her witches outfit, requests Room on the Broom and talks about the antics we got up to. She is delighted it's on the horizon again!!

We went Pumpkin picking for the first time this year! I can't tell you how special that was for me!! We had such a great time! I would highly recommend doing it with you own family/daycare settings if you can!!

Another fun activity we did was making 'witches hats'. This isn't for the faint hearted by the way so if you keep a super close tabs on what your children eat with regards to sweets etc this probably isn't for you. HOWEVER - a few little treats in moderation are fine..... right?!

8 Creative Outdoor Play Ideas

Imaginative and creative play is a staple of childhood development. Without it, children don’t get the opportunity to learn and develop the skills necessary for self-expression.

Nowadays, though, the lasting inspiration of outdoor play is often traded for the instant stimulation of indoor technology. Children get more excited about an hour sliding their finger across a screen than thirty minutes on an actual slide. It seems that the outdoors have lost some of that magic appeal they possessed during our own childhoods. But, through the use of creative play equipment,there are ways you can bring the spark back to your child’s imagination.

Here’s a list of eight imaginative and creative play ideas to get you started:

Halloween Playdough

Halloween Activities - Learning and Exploring Through Play

It has been a while now since I made a batch of play dough. Little N had lots of playdoh brought her, so she has been busy enjoying that! Seeing as Halloween is on the horizon I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get making!!

Autumn Themed Tuff Tray

Autumn Tuff Tray. Autumn Ideas for children.

With Autumn in full force now some of you are no doubt doing some fabulous Autumn activities and sensory play with the children you look after. We have already been on lots of Nature walks! We have been pretty lucky in the UK and so far, the Autumn days have been stunning! Sunny days, blue skies and the contrasts of beautiful leaves! 

We have hundreds of conkers, pine cone and acorns. We are in the process of doing some fun arts, crafts and sensory play with them! I recently saw a wonderful Autumn themed Tuff Tray created by Fran Maple and I am delighted that she is here today guest posting her fabulous idea!! 

Hold on tight folks and prepare to be inspired!!

Colic Drops

I went out this morning. My twins were fast asleep in their pushchair and my 3 year old was walking at my side. There was a Mom I spotted and it wasn't just because her baby was screaming and crying in distress, it was 'the look'. The look of a Mother trying to hold it all together when inside she was drained and crumbling.

Starting School

Well that awful time has come for us as a family when I am having to start getting round to the fact my daughter is starting school! I have cried and cried and cried.
Where on earth does the time go? It seems only yesterday we were leaving the hospital with her wrapped in a beautiful, soft, pink blanket.

Just like that, I am now having to get my head around her starting school! I have worked in a school myself for quite a long time so I have seen first hand how much children LOVE being at school, especially in early years! I have seen them develop lovely friendships and learn new skills. I have seen all this first hand. I have visited the school she's going to and it was all I was looking for and more. Yet I just can't seem to find comfort in this right now. 

The thought of taking her somewhere, leaving her and coming home without her feels so alien to me and I can't tell you how much my heart aches at the thought of it all.