Colic Drops

I went out this morning. My twins were fast asleep in their pushchair and my 3 year old was walking at my side. There was a Mom I spotted and it wasn't just because her baby was screaming and crying in distress, it was 'the look'. The look of a Mother trying to hold it all together when inside she was drained and crumbling.

Starting School

Well that awful time has come for us as a family when I am having to start getting round to the fact my daughter is starting school! I have cried and cried and cried.
Where on earth does the time go? It seems only yesterday we were leaving the hospital with her wrapped in a beautiful, soft, pink blanket.

Just like that, I am now having to get my head around her starting school! I have worked in a school myself for quite a long time so I have seen first hand how much children LOVE being at school, especially in early years! I have seen them develop lovely friendships and learn new skills. I have seen all this first hand. I have visited the school she's going to and it was all I was looking for and more. Yet I just can't seem to find comfort in this right now. 

The thought of taking her somewhere, leaving her and coming home without her feels so alien to me and I can't tell you how much my heart aches at the thought of it all. 

Eczema Awareness and Water Wipes

Did you know that this week is Eczema awareness week? To be honest it wasn't something I knew until I had my little girl in 2012. Out of nowhere her skin started looking inflamed. I was doing everything to try and calm her skin down, yet somehow my efforts seemed to fail!

Pokemon Go

We recently enjoyed a lovely day at Cannock Chase. We had planned to take a trip to find the Gruffalo, however decided to take a different walk completely. We encouraged our 3 year old to lead the way and she did a great job!

It was a glorious sunny day and lots of families were out enjoying the weather together!! The aroma of barbecues filled the air, squeals and giggles of children have a ball was music to the ears.

Frozen on Ice coming to Birmingham

Feld Entertainment, Inc. Brings Disney On Ice presents Frozen to Birmingham for the First Time!

The Parents Guide to Family Budget Stretching

Amid the excitement of bringing up a family, one of the daunting things for most parents these days is money. Indeed, a recent survey showed that 9 out of 10 British parents have money worries, and, perhaps more alarmingly, a third said that these worries were shared by their children. Given that help from the government doesn’t appear as though it will be increasing anytime soon, and also the financial strain our generation largely finds itself under, such findings aren’t necessarily a surprise.

The Best DIY Christmas Decorations

It is so easy to get lost in the world of Pinterest. Christmas will soon roll round and I have found myself finding some awesome Christmas DIY decorations. I just had to bring them all together and show you some of the brilliant ideas I have come across. From indoor to outdoor.... this post has it all....