Frozen Bubbles

Freezing Bubbles Activities to do in winter with the kids. Winter Activities.

Bubbles are pretty fascinating aren't they?! No matter what age you are, you can't help but be captivated by them! 

We have done lots of fun activities over the last few years to do with bubbles - Giant Bubbles being our most favourite to date!! Check out our video!! You will want to make some too!

Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Poppies

Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Poppies Remembrance day Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Did you enjoy all the arts and crafts with the little ones this Remembrance Day? Little N has been really impressed with the poppies shes seen out and about and has enjoyed putting money in the collection boxes and proudly walking away with a poppy. Shes been like this for the last couple of years. Even though the day has gone now, she is still drawing them at her mark making table. She also had a task come home from school to discuss Remembrance Day and draw/write/paint anything relating to it. 

Venue Hiring for Christmas

2016 has to be the fastest year yet? Everyone I speak to, they all say the same thing - where is this year going?! 

Now Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali have all been celebrated and enjoyed you may have turned your attention to Christmas (and rightly so)! We are now down to single figures with how many weeks are left remaining till the big day!! It's hard to believe that in a couple of weeks time I shall be giving the house a blitz ready for the Christmas Tree to make its grand appearance. 

Creative Writing Course Competition

The world has changed dramatically over the last 15 years.

The online market is booming now more than ever before. Lots more people are taking to the World Wide Web to get their personal skills, dreams and experiences out there.

How would you rate yourself as a writer?

Disney Frozen on Ice

When I was a little girl I was lucky enough to be taken to Florida. Not just once but three times! It was over the course of a good few years but each time I went I experienced more and more magic. Memories that will last with me a lifetime! I can't wait to take my children too and relive the magic with them!

I am a huge fan of Disney and I think no matter how old I get - I will always have a place in my heart for the magic it brings! It takes me back to my childhood. Being completely captured by the beautiful Princesses. Role playing with my friends, acting out parts of the films we loved and dressing up!!

Frozen hit our screens in December 2013 and took the world by storm! Everyone knows the famous songs and the tale of true love is very heart warming! It reminds us how important family is. It highlights the bonds between siblings and I loved Frozen for that!

Autumn Line Patterns

Autumn Activities for Kids - Autumn Line Patterns - Learning and Exploring Through Play

I have always said I couldn't possibly choose which is my favourite season. There is something I love about them all. That being said now Little N is almost 4 we are having so much fun this Autumn!!

We have been loving our Autumn walks, kicking leaves and throwing them at one another!! The conker collecting has been a great success, along with fairy hats and 'helicopters'. Currently I have them all stashed in a super cute, vintage style basket! It looks very Autumnal. I particularly love it when I light my candles of a night too! So cosy!

But what could I do with all these Nature treasures?

Snowman Hand Print Christmas Card

BAM!! In the blink of an eye Harvest, Halloween and Diwali have all been enjoyed! We've got together as families and had FUN! There really is something about all this time of year. Getting together with the people we love most, the cooler weather meaning warm, comfy jumpers! The gift buying, the delicious food! I could go on and on.... 

Whats your favourite time of year?