Sunflower Printing Craft

Sunflower Craft using a Toilet Roll - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Stop!!!! Don't throw away that empty toilet roll!!!

HA - If you're anything like me, you don't need any encouragement to hold on to items 'just incase' that art/craft opportunity arises! Joking aside, this is a really effective Sunflower craft using an empty toilet roll!!!

Caterpillar Peg Craft

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Peg Craft - Learning and Exploring Through Play

After my Preschooler really taking a liking to the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar we have been doing lots of Caterpillar arts and crafts. 

Today I am sharing with you the colourful Pom Pom Caterpillar Pegs she created.

30 Nature Crafts for Kids

Nature Crafts for Kids - Learning and Exploring Through Play
Nature is one of my most FAVOURITE medias to collect and use for crafts! I love the hunt with the little one looking for the treasures Nature has to offer before hand and I love the ENDLESS possibilities of creating there is!

Here are 30 super crafts and activities for you to enjoy with your kids over the coming months! There is LOTS inspiration!! From suncatchers, to sensory bottles, to painting to lanterns! Its all here!!

PVA Suncatcher Craft Process Art

Process Art for Kids PVA Suncatchers - Learning and Exploring Through Play

So, I have decided that my Preschooler is a Paint-a-holic! She honestly can not get enough!!
Did you see the recent Famous Artist inspired painting techniques we tried? They have been getting lots of views on our blog! I will add them to the end of the post so you can check them out!!

We have been trying lots of new ways to paint lately and this is another new method - Painting on PVA glue! It was such a great therapeutic technique and the effects reminded me of painting with shaving cream!

Salt Dough Sunflower Handprint Keepsake

Sunflower Handprint Keepsake Craft using Salt Dough

We have recently planted our Sunflower seeds and Little N checks each day to see if there is any sign of them sprouting above the soil yet. It wont be long now and then we get to plant them out in the garden and our Sunflower competition begins - Who can grow the biggest Sunflower.

The sun has been out and we have been enjoying lots of time in the garden, but the good old British weather means we have gone from applying the factor 50 and getting to swimming pools out in the garden to needing our wellies and umbrellas!

Fine Motor Caterpillar Craft

We have been busy reading Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar. My Toddler is obsessed with it and in particular loves the beautiful butterfly at the end of the story!

We have been out on quite a few nature walks lately and we have already started spotting the odd Butterfly here and there.

Piet Mondrian Preschool Art

If you follow our blog you will know by now just how much my Preschooler LOVES painting. In fact most young children love expressing themselves through mark making and I try to give her as many opportunities as possible to explore different methods. It keeps her hungry to experiment and I really enjoy watching her creativity!