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Copyright © 2014 Learning and Exploring Through Play - All Rights Reserved. Powered by Blogger.

The secret insight to a day at home with children

My alarm goes off real early,
I've been up during the night,
It's amazing how a smile from you,
Makes everything alright!

It's time now for Mommy mode,
The mode I'll be in all day,
I quickly review todays plans,
Wonder if they'll go that way,

Breakfast time is busy,
You always make such a mess,
I love to see you enjoy your food,
But I wish the mess was less!

Cleaned up, fed and watered,
Next, to get you dressed.
Wash your face and brush your teeth,
I wonder if now I'll get my rest?

I sit down with a cup of tea,
My intent - to watch you as you play,
Then I remember the washing pile,
I didn't do yesterday.

Lights, darks and colours,
There is a towel wash too,
And then to unload the dishwasher,
Whilst fulfilling requests from you.

"Your juice is on the table dear,
Your train set is over there,
Then I remember, when getting you dressed,
I didn't do your hair!

The cat is meowing at my feet,
He is waiting to be fed,
And that plant upon my windowsill,
Is beginning to look rather dead.

I remember then I made a drink,
Another one gone cold,
Instead I'll tend to the dryer
There is clothes that I must fold.

Then once again, I try to sit,
There is an aroma in the air,
Time for a nappy change,
The smells too bad to bare!

Of course this means a protest,
So I turn on my Mommy charm,
"Come on now I'll be real quick",
Sing a song to keep you calm,

Disposing of the nappy,
You ask to play outside,
The only way I'll get this rest,
Is if I go and hide.

Coats are on and off we go,
Time for play out in the garden,
Remind you when you 'burp' like that,
It's polite to then say pardon.

We kick the ball, play on your trike,
We water growing flowers,
I know that if you had your way,
We'd be out here for hours!

"Come on now let's go inside"
I knew you'd say "NO!" and frown,
Then in a screamy protest,
You'd throw your whole self down,

That's your new clothes dirty,
Your trousers are now wet,
Off inside we both go,
New outfit we must get.

Clean and dry once again,
I look down at the time,
Dinner time is looming,
And that phone you have is mine!

Settled with your favourite toy,
I now have 5 minutes to prepare,
Sandwiches are now ready,
I've still not done your hair!

Dinner eaten, Some was dropped,
The cat's enjoyed some ham,
Suddenly it springs to mind,
Need to pump the wheels up on your pram.

The cleaning operation,
Is once again in full swing,
Whilst I'm busy tiding up,
The washer begins to ping.

I go to sort the washing out,
You climb to reach up on the table,
All the toys you have to play with,
Yet you're pulling on a cable!

I go to put the tele on, the phone rings,
I take a sigh,
"Your company called here yesterday,
No I have no PPI!!"

I stand there for a second,
Trying to recall what I was going to do,
I just can't remember,
But I need to use the loo,

"Mommy needs a wee wee" I say,
"Come too" you look up and smile,
I know that with you in tow,
We will be up there a while!

You insist to climb the stairs,
You want no help from me,
Memories flash in my mind,
I carried you when you were wee,

Now your becoming so independent,
All these things you like to try,
You want to do things for yourself
And how you love to question why!

The day has been a busy one,
Your eye's look a little heavy,
You yawn, stretch and look at me,
Requesting you favourite teddy.

I lie you down in your bed,
Tuck you in and kiss your cheek,
Rain is tapping your window pane,
The weather today is pretty bleak!

Goodnight my darling,
I love you so you mean the world to me,
Have a nice nap, it's time to rest,
In an hour it's me you'll see.

I close the door, go down the stairs,
The mornings been a blur
I smile away to myself,
I see the sticker you put in the cats fur!

I finally get my cup of tea,
I finally get my rest,
Although I love my hour's peace
Time with you is what I love best!

Written by: Amy Louise
On: 7.10.14
Learning Through Play
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