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Painting is a wonderful activity for children and adults of all ages.
Whether you're capturing the first new born hand and foot prints that you treasure your whole life or letting your little ones free to express themselves and explore the paint - its fantastic!

Painting allows children and adults to be creative, expressive and imaginative. Painting allows you to make decisions - learn about what works and what doesn't work for you.

Its fun, enjoyable and therapeutic. Its a great stress reliever and allows you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Painting is great for stimulating the creative side to our brains. 

The most beautiful thing about painting is there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Our experiences with Painting right from the start

We began (like many parents and carers do) by taking small prints of Little N's feet when she was around a week old. 

I brought some paints from a local super-market that were safe for children. 

Although these colours wasn't very vibrant they gave me some lovely prints, they didn't stain her skin and washed off with no effort at all. They were Crayola - Beginnings paint around £6 for red, blue and yellow.

When little N was around 6 months old and was sitting up well I decided to strip her off, down to her nappy and take her into the garden. It was a lovely warm, sunny day and I sat her in her Bumbo seat ready for some creative fun.
cello taped some paper to the tray and off she went. She was in her element from the get go. 

Mixing the colours around with her hands. Making marks through the wet paint. She loved it! 

She enjoyed grasping her hands together and squelching the paint in her hands. She was fascinated with the sensation.

I have also printed various colouring sheets off too and Little N has enjoyed spreading the paint over the pictures. Like the Pumpkins above, which I got from Google Images.
We turned some of her paintings into cards for family and friends. I include recent photos too of her.

Here is Little N again enjoying exploring the texture of the paint and feeling it on her hands.

She really does enjoy getting stuck in.

Printing with Sponges

Little N was amazed at the marks these sponges made. We felt the patterns on the sponges before we dipped them into the paint. When printing onto the paper she kept pushing down harder on the sponge observing the paint ooze from the sides.  

Painting with Paint Brushes

This was Little N's first time using a paint brush. I didn't show her what to do with it, I just waited to see what she would do. She dipped the ends of the paint brushes into the paints and began mark making. It wasn't long before she figured out she could use the paint brushes to spread the paint over the palms of her hands. She giggled to herself as she did this and said "Mommy it's cold!"

Painting with Nature

We had a walk around the garden together and collected various leaves, flowers, twigs and brought them to the painting table. 
I thought I would possibly have to demonstrate to Little N to dip them into the paint but I held back and observed what she would decide to do with them first.
She selected the leaf out of the wicker basket at her side and without any prompts pressed it into the paint and put it down onto the picture. They created some interesting prints!

Painting with Conkers

This was a great activity and one of our most viewed posts! Painting with Conkers. Read more

Painting with Potatoes

We carved a potato to make the print of a Poppy for Remembrance day this year! They looked so effective! Read more

More to come very soon.

Learning Through Play
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