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Making Wolf Soup

Is That You, Wolf?

Written and illustrated by Steve Cox
Is that you, Wolf?
This book contains a novelty twist that really does deliver a surprise.
There are hidden pockets throughout the story for you to feel and guess what you are touching. This is a great interactive story that will be a delightful fun read for any young inquisitive mind!

The book features great photos and interactive pockets that little ones put their hands into to feel and guess what they thing they are touching - wolfs hair, tongue etc.
The end of this book is fantastic! - I wont spoil it, instead I will just urge you to purchase a copy.

It is rather amusing at the moment as anything 'out of the ordinary' that happens Little N and Little A both blame the wolf when you ask 'what has happened?'
The other day I went out into my back garden and there were leaves all over the lawn as next door had been cutting back some bushes and some had blown onto our garden.
Little N "oh dear"
Me "oh no what's happened?
Little N "the wolf"

As the Wolf has been such a hit - it was time to extend play and offer the play opportunity to make some wolf soup.

We used a cleaned out fire pit today to do this.
First we poured in some water.
Initially we poured in the water as the watering can was too heavy to begin with and the little ones helped add to it later on.

It was then time to mix, mix, mix. Both enjoyed this and they shared their utensils brilliantly.

Little N and Little A then went around the garden to find their ingredients.
They collected leaves, pebbles, twigs, bark and flowers.
They loved going off and running back adding what they had selected.

Mmmm the wolf soup started looking very yummy.

The girls then decided it was time to mix, mix, mix again. Little N began and Little A came to join in too. 

Little N decided to get stuck in and began mixing and splashing with her hands.
Little A found this very funny which seemed to encourage Little N to continue as she loved seeing Little A laugh.

The wolf soup was ready now. It was time to cook it so it would be ready for the Wolf to eat.

We placed the lid on the bowl for it to cook.

This had been a lovely activity for the little ones. It had extended their interest from the book through play doing a very hands on activity. They have both gone on to ask to do this activity several times since.

- Explore their environment 
- Select independently their ingredients.
- Make decisions
- Sharing
- Building Relationships
- Playing alongside each other
- Exploring different sensory sensations
- Develop language
- Role Play
- Observing each other at play

As this activity was really enjoyed it will no doubt be repeated. Planned as this one was and see where the little ones choose to take their play. I will offer various other materials to add to the soup next time and will probably use a different more suitable container such as the under the bed storage box perfect for this type of activity.

Other than that we will continue to look at stories with wolves in them and use our fabulous wolf puppet to bring the stories to life. 
I will offer pictures of wolves around the chalk and white boards along with colouring pictures in the mark making area.

Although the little ones have enjoyed the wolf story book I also from this activity could see how much they enjoyed exploring texture, making decisions and mixing. 
I will go on to offer more opportunities to experiment with things such as custard, water and bubbles, gloop for example.

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  1. That looks like some fun soup to make - but I wouldn't want a taste! lol!

    1. It sure was fun to make Emma - the children really enjoyed themselves! Look forward to getting out and making things like this again once the weather gets a bit warmer! :)


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