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Salt Dough Recipe

Here we share our very simple Salt Dough recipe with you. 
In 5 simple steps and 3 ingredients you have endless possibilities with what you can create. 

We LOVE making keepsakes and have mad several now:

Heart Keepsakes are perfect for Valentines Days, Birthdays, Grandparents Day, Christmas, in fact who wouldn't love this any time of the year?

We created this one as part of the Red Ted Art Valentines blog hop.                                                                                                                         We teamed up with bloggers world wide and made a great compilation of Valentines crafts and activities that are perfect for the kiddies.                                                                                       You can see our Footprint Keepsake Ornament here.

We also made a 'handprint' version  as the above one was loved so much! 

You can view our Handprint Keepsake ornament here.

The next big celebration was Easter so we made some egg shaped keepsakes:

I really loved these as the pastle colours looked so beautiful together!

This was our Egg Handprint plaque ornament.

We also made these heart thumbprint keepsakes. Great to hang up on the wall or your Easter Trees. - Great decorations for childminders, teachers who have a few children in their care!

You can add magnets to the back of them too and pop them on your fridge!

You can see more on our Thumb Print Egg Keepsakes here.

Next celebration we made Saltdough Keepsakes for was Halloween:

We combined both hand prints and foot prints with this one!

Halloween Pumpkin Keepsake.

Using cookie cutters we created smaller pumpkins and made some heart print thumb prints.

Thumb Print Magnets.

.........and our most recent keepsakes have been for Christmas:

These were such great fun to make, so colourful and look lovely hanging on the tree!!

I gift wrapped them up lovely and gave them to friends and family.

You can see details on how we made these and see photos of our gift wrapping by clicking below:

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Now on to our favourite one.....

Snowman Ornament Keepsake

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  1. Anonymous5/12/15 07:23

    Hi. How long to does the dough last if not used immediately? I'm thinking of making the dough at home and then taking it to tot lot ( our kiddie group of 40). Thank you.

    1. That would be fine, I currently have a batch made up a week now. Its been wrapped up in cling film. I plan to use it this week. So creating in advance is absolutely fine. Just keep it well sealed and use as soon as you can.

  2. I accidently came upon this website and I love it!!!! Thanks for all the ideas

    1. Hey Janice, I am so glad you have been enjoying what you have seen on our site! It's great to have you here!! Are you following along on our Facebook page? We post all our new posts over there so you wont miss anything! Thank you for your comment!!

  3. Anonymous6/12/15 13:44

    My oven only goes as low as 170 :(

    1. That should still be ok, just keep a close eye on it :) You could do 30-40 min at a time (depending how you feel its going) and then leave to air dry.

  4. I tried to make this last week and my ornaments was still bendy. Like they would not dry all the way and I still could bend them..

  5. I'm curious, once cooked- how long does this keepsake last? I tried something similar maybe 2 years ago (a different site) and they broke, got molded and otherwise ruined. I'd love to be able to create something that will actually last! How long have you had yours last? How do you store it? Thanks in advance!

  6. Once mixed, is that when you roll it and make the print and then cook?

  7. my oven didn't go down to 120 degrees only to 170. would the cook time change? if so, could you help me for how long I can cook it instead of 3 hours? please and thank you in advance!

  8. Your instructions say to air dry overnight then put in the oven but I read a response to a comment that said to put it in the oven then air dry over night... ? Which way do you recommend?

  9. In the instructions is says to air dry I overnight then bake but I read a reply to a comment that said to bake then air dry overnight..? Which way to you recommend?

  10. What if it doesn't sir for overnight what if it sits outsides until it is dries in cold winter air


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