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Head Teacher Shuts School in Style

Just in time for the Blizzards of 2017!!

Head teacher Matt Glendinning has a very special snow day message for his students letting them know in style that school is closed.

Scroll down to view Matt in action........


The snow glows white on Route 95, not a tire track to be seen. 
We could make you come to school but that would just be mean. 
The plows are running but still traffic starts to slide.
So don't come to school, just stay inside. 
Don't come to school I am free today, the snow has set you free.
It's true no school just stay at home. You can stay at home.

School is closed, school is closed! Cos' it snowed so much last night.
School is closed, school is closed! So stay at home sit tight.
Stay inside or go out and play, gonna grab my sleigh. The cold never bothered me anyway.

Its funny how some snowflakes can bring things to a crawl.
And the streets that once ran smoothly become a tangled brawl.
It's time for fires and cocoa too, to read an engaging book or two. 
Today no Moses Brown for me, I'm free! 

School is closed, school is closed! Because the snow's too deep.
School is closed, school is closed! You can stay in bed and sleep.
Here I'll snooze and here I'll stay, let the storm rage on.

This feeling flurries through the air into the ground.
While Dr Cruisin shows us frozen fractals all around.
Though this hard hits me like an icy frozen blast,
We'll soon be going back when this storm has passed. 

School is closed, school is closed! Don't come to school at dawn. 
School is closed, school is closed! So stay at home with slippers on.
And hold your seat there's no school today. 
Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.

Matt Glendinning, 50, from Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, stars in a comical music video to announce that lessons are off after more than 10 inches of snow fell in the area due to storm Juno. 

Now come on you have to admit you would love a head teacher like this!! Someone who can make you smile and doesn't always take like so seriously!

I must admit I do love quirky parodies like this and its a must share for me (for 3 years on the trot now).

Have you had any snow where you are yet?? 

We had a few flurries this afternoon! It was so cute - my 4 year old rushed to get on her Elsa dress and sat on the window cill watching as outside quickly became white. There is something magical about snow. I know it can be a pain when you have to venture out in it and it causes all kinds of distruption...... but for our children it screams out adventure!!

While we are on the subject of snow - did you see our Snowman Hand Print Keepsake?
We recently created some Melting Snowman paintings too!! So much fun! What snowman activities have you been up to? We would love you to share them with us!! 

In the meantime check out our -

If you have snow - enjoy and stay safe!! <3

Learning Through Play
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