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Winter Walks with your Toddler

Winters Walks with your Toddler can be such a wonderful experience. Exploring Nature together and looking at the changes that are busy taking place. Your Toddler is very keen to learn and explore new things and what a wonderful way to spend a morning -out in the Woodland.

We went on a beautiful walk this morning - we were up bright and early, wrapped up nice and warm and we had our wicker basket at the ready to collect various bits and bobs as we saw them.
Little N is so protective over her basket and insists on carrying it from start to finish.

Today was a beautiful Winters morning, Jack Frost had been and the ground was completely white over. We set out to visit the Wyre Forest today set in Worcestershire, England. The Wyre forest covers a massive 26.34 square kilometers. It is one of the largest ancient woodlands in Britain. It is also recognized for the variety of wildlife, so we were very excited to get out and explore today.

The floor was scattered with brown Oak leaves covered in spikes of frost. They glistened as the sun beams filtered through the trees.

They made a a crunching sound as we walked on them. Little N was so absorbed in this sound and kept insisting to walk on them.

She picked a few of them up to add to her basket and remarked on how cold and wet they felt.

There were large puddles that had frozen over and we took it in turns stepping on them and hearing the ice creak under our feet. The water flooded the ice quickly. Little N found this funny and made sure she did it to each and every puddle that we saw.

There were several trees that had fallen over and we went over to take a closer look. Little N always recalls the story from Percy and the Park Keeper that we read back in the Autumn. The white icy frost looked beautiful against the bark of the trees.

It was so sweet seeing Little N wrapped up all warm and snug with her wellies carrying her basket, searching the nature bed to see what interesting things she could collect.

She found lots of little pine cones that she was very over the moon about. She set about collecting as many of them as she could.

She was also asking if we could go and find some conkers. It was great to answer her inquisitive questions as I could tell she was really absorbed and enjoying what we were doing.

I explained to her how all the conkers had gone now and she made sure she told Daddy when he got home from work!

Whilst we were busy looking and talking about what we was and wasn't able to find Little N spotted several marks on the floor. "LOOK!" she said pointing.
"What are they?" I asked.
"I don't know Mom, what is it?" she asked.
"They are from a horses shoe" I explained.
"Oh, its a horses shoe" she repeated.
"Yes, the big horse has been for a walk in the forest and as he was walking he has left his prints behind." I added.

Throughout our walk, whenever she spotted another print she would get really excited and point it out telling me it was from a horse shoe.

As we left the forest there were several fields filled with horses wearing their Winter jackets, she enjoyed seeing them especially after seeing all their shoe prints.

We continued walking, we had walked around 3 miles at this point. We followed the winding path and it started to bend. Following, I was really taken back by the view that greeted us. The sun was completely blocked out by the trees so none of the frost has melted. Thick spikes of glistening white frost was everywhere you looked.

This is a close up of the grass. It looked so magical! Little N kept reaching out and  seemed to be puzzled by the concept of the frost melting in her hands.

After a very cool, refreshing wintery walk of just over 4 miles we were almost back at the car when another beautiful sight greeted us. The sun beams shone down from a cloudless blue sky. What a great way to spend a morning!

Have you been out for your Winter Walk yet?

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