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9 Lessons Kids Teach You

They say we learn something everyday. Since becoming a Mother I learn something new all the time and some of the new things I learn my daughter teaches me. She continues to teach me daily. Today we are looking at 9 lessons kids teach us.

1. Let it go

I'm not referring to the film all children love. I am talking about children's ability to forgive so quickly. They can be having a disagreement with somebody one minute and then best friends playing happily the next. They are incredibly forgiving. Imagine if we let go of things as easily as they do? I'm not saying all things can be forgiven and forgot just like that, but what I am saying is letting go of more things would create peace in our hearts and souls. How many times have you got cranky with your family, your friends and in the big scheme of things it doesn't matter so much? I think we are all guilty of this - some more than others. Just let it go.

2. Imagine and Dream

Have you ever sat back and looked on at your children during their play? Have you witnessed the magic unfold as they imagine new worlds, as they act out imaginary situations and create new characters. As adults we dont dream and imagine enough. Create some time once or twice a week for just you. put on some relaxing music and just be at one with your thoughts. You'll will be amazed at how relaxed and calm it makes you feel afterwards.

3. You are never too old for Disney movies

With so many wonderful films to discover, Disney is sure to hold great memories for all. Whether you remember dressing up as a child singing along to your favourite songs, or you remember snuggled up with your children in blankets on the sofa one evening watching a Disney film. No matter what age you are or what walk of life you are from, you cant beat a few hours on the sofa together watching a Disney classic!

4. Not to judge

Young children do not make judgement and presumptions. Kids are drawn to each other and they laugh, sing, dance and play together. They enjoy company of their peers and dont get wrapped up in judgement what so ever. Sadly I think we are all guilty of judging to some extent or another.

5. Keep focused on one thing at once

There are always so many things to do. If we don't multi-task it takes twice as long to get things done, but running around like a headless chicken day in day out isn't great for anybody!
Stop and take things down a notch - the housework will always wait!
Kids do one thing at once. They get the job done whether it be playing, tidying up or making the mess in the first place. They take their time and potter around and notice the little things. How many little things do you miss while you're busy doing 101 things at once?

6. It's not the end of the world if/when your house is a mess

Whether your house is polished and immaculate from floor to ceiling or cluttered with toys your kids still smile. If there is a knock at the door your kids are thrilled to greet who ever may be visiting. But are you as happy?
Inside I am always filled with dread if my washing is sprawled out all over the floor and Little N's toys are all over the place. However if I am the one visiting I dont take much notice of other peoples houses. Chances are your family and friends don't either. Lets face it with kids around, your house isn't going to be spotless all the time! Give yourself a break!

7. Be Fearless

Young kids are afraid of nothing. They speak their mind and say whatever they are thinking. They aren't scared about the unknown or what the future may hold. They aren't scared of rejection or being judged. They don't hold back, they go for it! As we grow older we complicate most things. We worry about what might happen, how we might make people feel, being rejected, being judged. Sometimes we hold back from saying how we feel as we are scared of potential outcomes. Just think how much of a weight would be lifted if we were completely fearless.

8. To Live Life to the Full

This is a pretty important lesson I think that we should all learn to do a little more of! You observe a small child playing. They make the most of resources they have, if any. They get lost in their imaginations and they have FUN. When was the last time you let go and had fun like this? So many people are constantly chasing happiness. They will never find happiness without working on things within. That's where true happiness lies. Kids have so much get up and go and are always seeking adventures.

9. To always speak the truth

Kids are always so open about how they feel, what they are thinking, what happened. How many times have your children shared too much information and made you chuckle away with embarrassment. Kids say what is on their mind and express what they believe in. We really should do more of this.

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