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Caterpillar Hunt for Kids

Have you been enjoying time outdoors now the weather is on the turn? We have had a pretty impressive start to Spring here in some parts of the UK and me and Little N set about going on a caterpillar hunt, a perfect activity for Kids.

Have you seen the Butterfly houses you can purchase for your own home? Where you watch them eat, get bigger and bigger, observe them for a few weeks until they turn into a beautiful butterfly? They really are great and come highly recommended! I have had them in classes with me from Nursery age up until Year 6 - the kids just love them!

But what's better than having a butterfly house delivered to your home? How about getting out there and finding the caterpillars yourself?

I wasn't sure how long it would take us, or if we would even find one at all. You see I should have had more faith as it wasn't long at all before we found a little green caterpillar! We didn't just find one either - we found several!

We started talking about what Caterpillar's like to eat. It was then we set about making a little home for him. Little N loved walking around the garden pulling different leaves off the trees and bushes before adding them to a see-through bowl we were using. The see-through bowl was great as we were able to observe him from all angles.

It wasn't long before we had a good mix of different leaves. Little N also added an empty yoghurt pot for 'his house'. I thought this was so cute and adorable that she had considered what he would need. Little N is currently only 2 years old!

We sat watching him as he wiggled here there and everywhere, exploring the different leaves. Little N chucked as he slithered his way underneath leaves before popping back out again! "Can I hold him?" Little N asked. We picked him up very carefully on a bunch of leaves and Little N stood still as he wiggled his way onto her hand!

This was our evening activity before bath and bed so we placed him carefully back in the bowl before returning to the house. This was the right time I though to introduce 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Little N hadn't seen the book before and as she is such a book lover she was pretty excited! She listened carefully and enjoyed retelling it to me afterwards. While she was busy reading the book to herself I snook outside and put the caterpillar back where we had found him. This is important as some caterpillars are picky eaters and will only each one sort of leaf.

I made sure I found a leaf that had been enjoyed with lots of holes in it. The next day after breakfast Little N asked if we could go and check on the caterpillar. We went outside and had a look for Mr Caterpillar in the bowl full of leaves. He wasn't there. I pointed out the leaf to Little N and told her he had been very greedy. "Where has he gone Mom?" she asked. "I think Mr Caterpillar turned into a very beautiful........" "BUTTERFLY" she screamed!

This was a lovely fun activity perfect for Preschool children plus.

Getting out and connecting with the magic of Nature is a truly beautiful thing indeed!

What are you waiting for? Go get hunting for caterpillars.....

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! When I was a kid we had "caterpillar hunt contests" to see who can hunt down the most caterpillars. Since our backyard was the one with all the caterpillars, my sisters and I always won.

  2. Lovely post! This is just the kind of fun my preschooler enjoys. :)

  3. Wonderful! I love this post (and your images are beautiful!) I am going to show it to my son and see if we can find some this year.

  4. how sweet!! We love hunting for caterpillars, we have even raised some and watched them grown into butterflies. It's a beautiful and interesting life cycle! Thanks for sharing at our FB Share Day!


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