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No Salt Playdough Recipe Homemade

We are very happy to welcome Vicki Pellatt from Hull to Learning and Exploring Through Play.
Vicki owns Edens Baby Experiences with her business partner Nicola Thompson and together they provide messy play sessions, baby massage and sing and sign. Edens Baby Experiences provide lots of hands on experiences for children and their families.

Delivering Messy Play to babies from 6 months we always strive to offer safe and healthy messy play. It is paramount that what we provide will not hurt the children in any way. Babies put anything and everything in their mouths, so we always keep this in mind when we are planning our sessions. We also take into consideration any allergies and personal requirements.

Most of the homemade playdough recipes I have seen contain salt, and a lot of it! Salt is not good for babies, or anyone for that matter. It also our skin feeling very dry.

It was a challenge to come up with a homemade no salt playdough recipe. Salt helps to preserve the playdough. We took away the salt and used lemon juice instead. Lemon Juice also helps to preserve.

Here is how we created our delightful Homemade No Salt Playdough.....

You will need:
Plain Flour
Lemon Juice
Warm Water
Spices (optional)
Food colouring
Herbs and Spices

Using 2 cups of flour, 3 tablespoons of oil, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and half cup of water (add more if needed) place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix and mix and mix!! Once together place on a work surface and knead and knead, its a great workout!

Add a variety of herbs and spices. In the pictures we used rosemary but have also used sage, bay leaves and mint, all homegrown from our garden. We also added spinach and a touch of green food colouring. The smell of the dough was wonderful, adding another sensory dimension to play.

We loved the dough that we created and it was a big hit with the children and their parents. We will be trying different things over time. At the end of our Messy session parents took the dough home for their little ones to continue playing with it. 

One parent reported back to us that her dough has lasted weeks, storing it in the fridge in an air tight container when it wasn't being played with.

If you would like to know more about Vicki and what she does you can visit her Facebook page or the Edens Baby Experience website.

Vicki its great to have you here and what a wonderful play recipe. We make a lot of playdough here at Learning and Exploring Through Play and I agree that the salt content in most of the playdough recipes is pretty high. 
I love how this is much safer for children to explore and how the scents add to the sensory experience. 
Thank you for joining us and sharing your recipe! We cant wait to try it!

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