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Fussy Eaters Toddlers

So today I am feeling like a Super Mommy and I just have to stop by to tell you why....
Wait for it...... I got my two year old to eat chicken!!!!!!! 
Yup, and I have only been trying for TWO YEARS! 

My two year old is a pretty good eater. She isn't a Fussy Eater usually, although there are certain foods she just wont eat and that's the be all and end all. It's mainly meat. She will eat chicken nuggets but not chicken on its own. She will eat fish fingers but not fish any other way!

I usually have her dinners all made out lovely on the plate. Everything in its place, having its own little section on a colourful, bright plastic Ikea plate. I have the brightly coloured cup of water along with the utensils too!

Then I sit there for what seems like eternity telling her about how 'that food there is mine and Daddy's favorite'. I even sit there and slowly eat some in front of her making lots of weird and wonderful noises in an attempt to show her how delicious it really is. Being a parent makes you act strange at times! 

You know I have even resulted to telling her I ordered the chicken from McDonalds. She still has NONE of it!! Smothered in ketchup?! Still doesn't work! In fact that's when she turns me off chicken as she sits chewing it before spitting it all out into her hands and passing it me....Oh cheers for that little miss.....

Today I cut the chicken up into the teeniest tiniest little pieces and I literally threw everything onto her plate. The carrots weren't together (ohhh the horror!), the peas and sweetcorn were rolling around everywhere. The potatoes were thrown on top and of course the chicken was here, there and everywhere. 

To be quite honest with you, it looked like the dinner had been dropped on the floor and scooped back up onto the plate. I actually felt quite bad presenting her with such a dinner.... but she ate pretty much all of it!! 

I really should have probably tried this way before now but the little bit of OCD in me niggled away telling me 'oh dont you dare do that!' 
The last time she ate a chicken dinner was when she was a few months old back when she had it all blended in a little bowl and was fed to her on a spoon!! 

So just like that. Today at 2.5 years old my daughter ate her first chicken dinner since many moons ago....... and she doesn't even know it ;)

The trick has been learnt, to get your toddler to eat anything you simply have to chop it up into tiny, microscopic pieces and HIDE IT in food they already love and BAM! 

When was the last time you had a 'Smug Super Mommy' moment ? Get in touch!!

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  1. My son has been eating chicken w/o a problem but your post just made me realize, I should try this trick with salmon tonight. I haven't been able to get him to eat salmon but it's probably b/c I'm presenting it separately on the plate. Thanks for the tip!

  2. For my family veggies are or struggle, but ny kids will down bowls full of veggies if we mix them into mashed potatoes. And can i tell you a secret- I actually prefer it that way now too. If we're having mashed potatoes I'll probably mix in a good bunch of veggies on my plate!


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