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6 Things I do with my Toddler Everyday

Each and every day there are 6 things I do with my Toddler. These 6 things are really important to us as a family! They are moments during the day we really value and treasure together.....

1) Tell her I love her.

I tell her endlessly how much I love her and how proud she makes me. I remind her just how special and valued she is and how I love spending time with her! Boy oh boy does she enjoy hearing it too. 

Don't get me wrong of course I have my days where all I want to do is hide away in the kitchen trying to sneakily eat chocolate biscuits in peace!

2) Read.

I admire my little ones love for reading and its a pleasure to spend time reading lot of stories to her throughout the day. 

I love when she comes over to me and says 'Mommy could you read me this story?'
Whether I am in the middle of polishing the television table for the forth time that day (it's not fingerprint free for long) or folding the laundry I see it as a great time to just stop and come together for 10+ minutes.

One day she will stop asking me to read to her..... So I am busy making the most of these lovely moments together! You cant beat having your little one climb up onto your lap to get completely absorbed into a world of make believe!

3) Pretend Play.

I really don't have a choice in this one. The amount of characters and occupations we act out throughout the day and yes I must admit sometimes I play a rather half arsed Marshall from Paw Patrol or Anna from Frozen, but there really is only so many times I can 'come to the rescue' or sing 'Do you wanna build a snowman?'

The things children learn through pretend play, make it so valuable. The amusement value too as you observe them afterwards acting out things you have done together - it's priceless!

4) Eat breakfast, dinner and tea together.

I think this is really really important, to come together, sit and eat with one another. Yes we are guilty of having the television on the majority of the time but mostly we watch Disney movies which completely rock! (A huge PRO to having children is being able to watch Disney films again on a daily basis.) Having the television on doesn't stop us talking to one another however - actually I don't think ANYTHING would stop little N from talking away!

5) Spend one on one time together.

Whether its for 5 minutes or for 5 hours I try to make sure that each day we share quality time together. Time where we can just talk about anything and everything. Time where we can be silly and make one another laugh. It really is a tonic for both of us!

6) Give her as many cuddles and kisses as she allows me to.

That will never ever stop as long as I shall live!

What do you do with your children each day? What is important for your family?
I would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment or come and visit us on our social media below:

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