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Flower Candle Holder Salt Dough

We have been busy making some Flower Candle Holders using Salt Dough and they look so pretty I couldn't wait to share them with you!

We do enjoy using Salt Dough and have used it to make lots of keepsakes and gifts over the last few years! We pretty much have inspiration all year through now! Search Salt Dough on the blog to see more!

Personally, what I love about Salt Dough is not only is it really cheap to make, its very quick and simple to put together. 

It's great to be able to create a media real quick that has endless possibilities!!

You will need:

A batch of Salt Dough
Cutting tools (I used a knife but playdough tools for the little ones)
Acrylic Paints
Paint Brushes 

To set about making some of these super cute Flower Candle Holders you will need to make a batch of salt dough. We have the easiest recipe for you that you can FIND HERE. Our recipe is extremely popular and almost always features as one of our top posts (you can see them in the right hand column).

Once you have your dough and it's of a 'playdough consistency' roll it into a ball. Use your hands to flatten the ball down, making sure its pretty even. 
I used a Yankee Tealight Candle to press down in the center of the dough. This created an indent big enough to house a candle once the holders were dried out and painted. 

Using a sharp knife I began to crave in the 'Flower Petals'. A sharp knife wouldn't be suitable for young children but playdough cutting tools work just as well! 

It was then time to dry out the Salt Dough so we could set about decorating them! Details of drying them out are with the recipe above. I do receive a lot of emails regarding Salt dough so just to clear up a couple of points:

  • You paint Salt Dough AFTER it has fully dried out. You don't paint it before putting it in the oven.
  • The drying out process needs to be done pretty slow, so a low gas mark and make sure you keep a close check. You will also need to flip your creations over from time to time to avoid the top from burning and allow it to dry out fully. If your creations stick to the dish/baking tray - use a flat knife to gently ease it off.
  • Mixture too dry - add a little more water. Mixture too sticky - add a little more flour.
  • You can't use water based paints to decorate Salt Dough. The dough will absorb the water in the paints and it will become stodgy and ruin what you make. I use Acrylic Paints and find they work great!

Decorating is by far the BEST PART!  

Once they were all painted we left them to dry before adding some glitter. I varnished over them. The smell is rather strong so not something I wanted my preschooler doing. After 3 days the varnish was fully dry and they were ready to go!

We popped in the candles and once they were lit the glitter sparkled away. 

They would make great gifts for Birthdays and not forgetting Mothers Day and Grandparents Day! 

They also look great to represent Daffodils for Spring time!

We are going to use ours in the garden over the Summer months!! 

We intend on having lots of gatherings with our family and friends this year so they will add a lovely touch to the garden! I may even look at making some more!

So, what are you waiting for? Get down to your local supermarket and get the ingredients you need to make these super cute Flower Candle Holders! 

We have also came across this fun idea from Mum in the Madhouse who made some Sun Candle Holders using Cornflour Dough for the Solstice that's worth checking out! 

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