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Sunflower Printing Craft

Sunflower Craft using a Toilet Roll - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Stop!!!! Don't throw away that empty toilet roll!!!

HA - If you're anything like me, you don't need any encouragement to hold on to items 'just incase' that art/craft opportunity arises! Joking aside, this is a really effective Sunflower craft using an empty toilet roll!!!
You will need:

Empty Toilet Roll
Paint - Green and Yellow
Flat Tray to print from
Sunflower Seeds
Laminator (optional)
Laminating Wallets (optional)
Circle to draw around (or you could do this free hand)
PVA Glue

Sunflower Summer Craft - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Draw a circle on your A4 sheet of paper. I had already squeezed the toilet roll to make a 'sunflower petal shape' so I used this to make sure where I drew my circle, it allowed enough room to make the petal prints.

I drew 3 using the circumference of a glass before my little one said she wanted to draw her own circles. To be honest I much preferred her circles as opposed to the ones we drew using the glass. It made each one more unique and quirky!

Sunflower Summer Craft - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Once your circles are made, dip the toilet roll (shaped like a petal) into the paint and print around the circumference of your circle.

Sunflower Summer Craft - Learning and Exploring Through Play

My preschooler loves this! As she dipped the toilet roll into the paint it produced a 'film/bubble' on the end of the toilet roll and left behind bubbles in the paint, which she enjoyed popping!! As she printed on the paper the 'film/bubble' transferred onto the paper. So she had paint bubbles in the yellow paint and on her picture! When the bubbles burst (thanks to my little ones finger, of course) on the paper it actually coloured in the petals, which added a lovely effect!!

Sunflower Summer Craft - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Leave them to dry. You can add your sunflower seeds to the center straight away if you wish or like us you can laminate them to make them more hard wearing and sturdy as the seeds are pretty heavy when filling the center of the flower.

Another reason why I wanted to laminate them was because I wanted to use these for outside in the garden! We are growing our own Sunflowers again this year so I thought having this sunflower craft outside would be a lovely effect! You could add them to sticks or attach them to some string as bunting.

Sunflower Summer Craft - Learning and Exploring Through PlayThey looked great once all the seeds were stuck to the middle!

They had actually turned out better than I thought they would!

I already have family and friends requesting that we make some more for them!

This Sunflower Printing Craft would be great fun to do with a various age range of children so would work great if you are planning Summer crafts at home but having siblings of different ages.

How will you go about displaying yours? Take a snap and stop by our Facebook and share with us!!

We have a handful of Sunflower crafts on the blog now - here are two of my personal favorites:

Sunflower Summer Craft - Learning and Exploring Through Play

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