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Venue Hiring for Christmas

2016 has to be the fastest year yet? Everyone I speak to, they all say the same thing - where is this year going?! 

Now Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali have all been celebrated and enjoyed you may have turned your attention to Christmas (and rightly so)! We are now down to single figures with how many weeks are left remaining till the big day!! It's hard to believe that in a couple of weeks time I shall be giving the house a blitz ready for the Christmas Tree to make its grand appearance. 

I shall look forward to having to pull out all the branches and make sure it looks equal and puffed out enough, whilst my 3 year old runs around with beads and tinsel, being chased by the cat and insisting to start hanging the baubles on the tree. In all honesty I absolutely love it! There is nothing more magical than seeing your little ones buzzing with excitement too!! 

If, like us - you have a young family - planning ahead is an absolute MUST! 
Life is busy. Very busy. So planning ahead means a much more relaxed and less stressful time. 

Have you decided on what you are doing this year for the big day?

That's another discussion some families absolutely dread! Who's coming round Christmas Day? Are we spending it with my family or your family? Should we tell everyone we just want to spend the day together and will see them Boxing Day?

Honestly it can be an absolute nightmare trying to keep everyone happy and upbeat! Quite often you are left doing the opposite to what you would personally love to do, just because you would rather go with the flow than rock the boat.

Most of us don't have homes to accommodate all the family and it wasn't till I got talking to a friend of mine recently that the light bulb switched on and the solution to this problem was solved. 

She comes from a big family! When I say big, I mean big!! She lives in a beautiful part of the country and family time means a lot to them all (as it does to most people)!! It was her Mom who suggested it and they trialled it out last year and absolutely LOVED it! They hired a venue to have a big Family Christmas celebration in! They all got dressed up, danced together, had a drink or two, enjoyed their favourite food and they all went home - happily and contented that they had all been together and done a family celebration together.

She told me how great it was being able to return home and not have all the cleaning up to do afterwards. It worked and they are planning on doing the same again this year!!

They all prepare various treats, sweets and goodies and bring them along with them on the night. They even do a Secret Santa for everyone. Meaning they save lots of money and time just finding the one gift rather than buying for everyone!!

You see, no matter where you live there are venues dotted around all over the place just waiting to be booked and enjoyed!! Venuefinder offer a plethora of locations and venues just waiting to be discovered!!

So whether you are looking for a place to have your family and friend celebration or if you are looking for somewhere different for your Christmas Party this year. Take a look and see what you can find!!

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