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The Life of a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home Mom is a very rewarding role. There are so many perks. I am very thankful that I am able to raise my children and be so hands on during their Early Years. 
You see, with me being a stay at home Mom this means sacrifices. It means that my other half works long hours. It means I have more hours doing it alone. We miss each other. By the time the children are put to bed and we have had a quick tidy up..... we are ready for bed ourselves.

After long days we can get short with one another and the same little phrases get said that really get my back up!! It's not meant, but at the time it slips out and BAM - you're in that dog house!!

At our Mommy meet ups we often talk about the 'disagreements' we have in our households and make light hearted jokes about them. It appears the arguments you feel only you have.... are not only just you at all.....
This is for all the busy Mommy's and Daddy's who are working their butts off day in, day out. 
You are not alone and you are doing a FAB job!!!!! 

It's Okay, I Understand...

You went to bed earlier last night,
You were tired from your day,
You gave me a kiss and off you went,
Goodnight I heard you say,

The house was quiet - my thoughts were not,
How can there still be so much to do?
I stayed up to do some jobs,
Instead of coming to bed with you.

You didn't see me cleaning,
Whizzing around with the iron in my hand,
You didn't see me washing up,
It's ok I understand.

I finally came to join you,
You were snoring pretty loud,
Checking on our children,
I went to bed feeling proud.

You got up early for work,
The moment you left the drive,
I was half asleep but the kids
...... they came alive!

Breakfast Mom, I need a drink,
'Hey give that back to me!'
All these little requests and moments,
That you do not see.

Get them dressed, Change their bums,
Make the bottles quick,
Put the breakfast bowls in water,
Or that weetabix will stick!

You didn't see me changing bums,
Washing the bottles with my hands,
You didn't see me settle them to sleep,
It's ok I understand!

I attempted breakfast,
My tea I drank it cold,
I was singing Nursery Rhymes,
Oh and all that washing I need to fold!

I fed the cat, I cleaned his mat,
I quickly cleaned the porch,
I made a den with our daughter,
I changed the batteries in her torch.

I danced around to the hot dog dance,
I taught our daughter ABC,
I'm in my element with them,
I just wish you were here to see!!

Pants and socks all put away,
The shopping still needs to be done,
I will go once they're all in bed,
Them tagging along - boy would that be fun!! (NOT)

You didn't see me make them laugh,
You didn't see me tickle them with my hands,
You didn't see me wiping tears,
It's ok I understand.

Dinner time - the mess oh my!!
The floor was covered with cheesy pasta,
They spilt their drinks as they set a challenge,
Who could drink theirs faster!!

I got the babies to sleep again,
Yet as they lay their heads down,
Our daughter has a tantrum,
Our cat had chewed her Elsa crown!

It's ok I reassured her,
I made her a promise that I would replace,
I kissed and hugged her tightly,
Wiped the falling tears from her face!

I tried to fold that washing pile,
Spread all over the floor,
Yet every time I started,
I was needed elsewhere more!!

You see throughout each day,
I never really stop,
So many things to think about,
It's a wonder my mind don't pop!

I know you're busy working too,
If you could be anywhere you'd be here,
Sometimes this makes me sad...
.... and I shed a little tear!

Although I am forever busy,
In this house we call our home,
The children they are wonderful,
But sometimes I feel alone.

You see these jobs I do all day,
They often go unnoticed and that's ok,
But think about your wording,
When you return from a stressful day!

When you come home,
Don't you ever say,
In a little heated moment -
"You've done nothing today".

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