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National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month. This makes it the perfect opportunity to have reading more of a focus in your homes and settings. Reading is lots of fun and takes children off into the world of their imagination. It gives them ideas, introduces them to new places, new people, new words. Lots of learning takes place and not only that it's a great activity for bonding. Whether you are snuggling down together for a bedtime story after a busy day or having your child climb upon your lap to read their favourite tale - its a time that brings you together. 

National Reading Month has been running since 2010. Lots of schools and settings celebrate World Book Day during this month too. Lots of children and adults dress up as characters from their favourite stories! What are your children dressing up as this year? 

As part of National Reading Month we have teamed up with a brilliant collection of other websites and childcare settings to show you how you can take your children's favourite books and use them to inspire playtime. Each day there will be a new book with a fabulous craft, activity or small world linking to it. 

Get in touch and let us know which books you would like to see in the collection!!

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

To start the National Reading Month Play collection we have Stickman, written by Julia Donaldson! Beautifully illustrated with a wonderful tale about family and love. We made our very own set of Stickmen and we took them out and about on an adventure - but where did we go? Any guesses? ;)

This well loved story was first published in 1969! It has been enjoyed for over 40 years!! The story gives a wonderful insight to children about the life cycle of a caterpillar. Sarah and Tilly have a fabulous time with arts and crafts and gross motor games in their play inspired by this classic tale. 

Just WOW! The photographs in this post will inspire you to grab a book and get outdoors! I love how the imagination unfolded. They found so many interesting places and items in the forest that they linked to different aspects of the book! 

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

The Cat in the Hat
Hat Craft by Hispanic Mama
The Cat in the Hat has a very clear story line that is easy to follow for even the youngest of children. There are two normal human children, living a normal house. Mom ventures out and that's when the mischievous cat appears. Playing tricks, showing off and involving the children. The Cat opens a box an our pops Thing 1 and Thing 2. Very simple. Great fun!

Elmer the colourful patchwork Elephant - a set of tales that inspire children to embrace being different and to tolerate others. We set about making a colourful suncatcher in the shape of Elmer to remind us to do just that.

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

Once I Caught a Fish Alive 
Fish Craft by Siobhan Edwards
A catchy, fun Nursery Rhyme that introduces counting to 5. This book is excellent for younger children in particular! Lots of fish crafts and activities would link in perfectly with this book/rhyme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Caterpillar Puppet by Rhythms of Play
Showing the process of metamorphosis Eric Carle has his way with words to explain to even the youngest of children. From caterpillar to butterfly this book boasts beautiful, bold illustrations that burst from the pages! I absolutely adore this cute little caterpillar puppet Rhythms of Play has made!

The Rainbow Fish 
A Range of Activities Linking to The Rainbow Fish by Lodge Cottage Nursery, Norfolk
The children at Lodge Cottage Nursery have been very busy, enjoying a whole week of activities inspired by The Rainbow Fish. From Painting to Playdough to Water Play and collages - there are lots of great ideas here that bring alive The Rainbow Fish in their Early Years setting.

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

There's An Alligator Under My Bed
Alligator Puppet by I Heart Crafty Things
A night time adventure story about a boy with a very vivid imagination who does all he can to convince his parents - who just don't believe him!

My Color is Rainbow
Rainbow Sqeegee Painting by Hello Wonderful
Little White Arch go through a journey. Off he goes to explore just what he can become. Through this 32 page hard back book, he meets the colours of the rainbow. Each of them them having completely different characteristics. Little White Arch has so much fun along the way being lovingfriendly, happyhelpfulpeaceful, and majestic -  he realises he doesn't have to be just one colour he can be all colours. Each colour can bring something to his life and the people around him. Each colour has a different quality but together they make a beautiful rainbow.

Farmer Duck and Olivers Vegetables
Tuff Tray and Role Play Area by Burnwood Community Primary School
Two wonderful books rolled into one - We have Farmer Duck who is a hard working duck living with a very lazy farmer. The animals come together and devise a plan that will help Farmer Duck.
Olivers Vegetables is about a boy who only eats french fries! After seeing the Vegetable Patch at his Grandparents house he starts eating vegetables!

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Small World by Clares Little Tots

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Story Stones Swords and Snoodles

Dear Zoo
Blow Art Paper Plate Lion - Mum in the Madhouse

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

Giraffes Can't Dance
Giraffes Puppets - Red Ted Art
A charming, rhyming story about Gerald the Giraffe who learns to embrace his differences and go a new way about doing things. These cute puppets mad be Red Ted Art are not only great fun for this story but they tie in brilliantly with National Giraffe Day. Want some more inspiration? Why not create some Bird Marionettes that can dance too?

Hello World! Solar System
Earth Paper Plate Craft - Non Toy Gifts
Bright, cheerful illustrations in this story make is accessible for even the youngest reader! With simple text this book is a great way to introduce non-fiction concepts to toddlers and babies.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss
Sensory Oobleck - Life Over C's
Bartholomew is on a mission to save his kingdom from a super sticky substance called Oobleck!
This activity is so much fun! Oobleck is a fascinating media to explore! Give it a try, I guarantee you wont be able to resist it!

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

The Three Little Pigs 
Story Spoon - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Oi Frog
Frog Plate Craft - Thimble and Twig

Old Tracks, New Tricks
Space World Train Track - Preschool Powol Packets

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

The Suprize Garden
Paper Plate Watermelon Craft - Gluesticks Gumdrops

One Fish, Two Fish
Counting Fish Printable - The Best Ideas for Kids

Name Art - Fantastic Fun and Learning

National Reading Month. Book inspired play.

Charlie Chick
Rocking Chick Craft - Artsy Craftsy Mom

The Sea of Tranquality
Space Themes Sensory Tray - Learning and Exploring Through Play

A Butterfly is a Patient
Butterfly Mobile - The Weaving Ideas

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