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Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

With the recent arrival of a beautiful set of chalk pens I wanted to set up an invitation to create using Autumn Leaves. We have been taking a look at patterns and Neve has really enjoyed the song Banana Banana Meatball. If you have young child be sure to check it out! It's great to add in to your Pattern themes. 

Before I share the activity let me share with you my day so far....
This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

What a morning! You know when nothing goes to plan?! Despite my alarm sounding a little after 5.30am - I just don't seem to get that morning cup of tea! Lets face it, without the first drink, in complete calm, just at the right temperature - the day is set to be doomed! You see, that's exactly how the morning started. Before I knew it,the heavens opened on the school run and as per usual I didn't pick up the rain covers - which meant I had to run back up the hill as fast as I could to grab them. 
'Keep going', I said to myself when all I wanted to do was should inappropriate phrases at the top of my lungs! But still, we survived and I managed to hold myself together! HA!

Once the school run was done - I needed peace. So I put the boys in the car and off we went to find exactly that. Our trip took us to one of my favourite places to visit along the River Severn. It was our mission to find Autumn leaves to set up a little activity for Neve when she returned home from school. 

The boys enjoyed a toddler around and there wasn't a soul about. I took deep breaths and absorbed the peace as best as I could between rescuing the boys from eating anything and everything they could find on the floor - YUK! 

We quickly collected a lovely set of Autumn leaves that I carefully brought home for the activity. Neve had enjoyed collecting some before school too, so I added them to the collection.

Impressively yesterday afternoon at 3.30pm I placed an order on Amazon for a set of Chalk Markers. I'd put the kids to bed, and although as I placed my order it told me they would be delivered the same day (on a Sunday may I add), I lost faith by 7.30pm and thought oh well, perhaps tomorrow. Nope! They arrived alright - 9.55pm on a Sunday! Now hows service! 

Believe it or not, the boys actually settled contently playing so I quickly created a rather beautiful Autumn leaf invitation:

Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

I used the chalk pens to draw on the black tray.
You can purchase the same pens we used on Amazon here.
Just be a little cautious when buying chalk pens for children to use. There are a few factors you need to look out for - washable, non toxic, low/no odour. The set of 8 Chalk Pens I purchased tick all these boxes. 

Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

I am actually very impressed with the pens. The black tray makes the array of Autumn colours pop out even more! It looks beautiful! I wanted to go and raid her book boxes too so I could add a Reading opportunity to go along with her crafty session.

Here are the books I selected:

Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

The book begins during Autumn, when Charlie starts to notice the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. The friends he has enjoyed playing with during the Summer months are too busy to play as they start to gather their food supplies. Some animals are getting ready for their big sleep and other animals are preparing for a long flight. Charlie feel sad when his friends become too busy to play and he misses them when they disappear for Winter. The book finishes with his friends returning and Charlie is not only happy to see them again but, he is happy to learn about the changes in the seasons. 

Squirrel is on a mission to collect lots of acorns as the weather is on the turn and Autumn is in full swing. His friends want him to play, but he insists he needs to finish collecting. Suddenly his day takes a turn for the worst but luckily his friends are not far behind him to help save the day.

Veronica the calf is busy being nosy as the farmer takes his red tractor around the farm yard. The Autumn leaves cascade down from the trees as the farmer goes about his jobs.

Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

She began by drawing pictures on the leaves and really enjoyed using the new pens! They worked beautifully on the leaves and left lovely vibrant colour trails behind. The pens were rather satisfying to use and I for one couldn't resist having a go too!

Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

The patterns looked beautiful altogether. I loved them on the backdrop of Autumn colour. Depending on the temperature of the room the leaves may start curling quite quickly. If you wanted to keep them you could always look at popping them through the laminator in a pouch. Just do it with care as I have known some people get leaves jammed. Check on the thickness of the spine in your leaf and decide whether or not they would be suitable.

Lets take a look at the craft in action:

Be the FIRST to see us doing these activities aswel as getting to know us as a family over on Instagram. We also share LOTS of lovely new places to visit and events.

Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

I think they look great against the black tray especially. 

I love Autumn for crafting. It's a time of year where I feel deeply inspired and keen to create with the children. I am still very much so in love with out Salt Dough leaves that hand from twigs in my hall way. It looks so effective and my visitors comment on it as they walk by which is lovely!

Autumn Leaf Patterns with Chalk

Image Map

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