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Autumn and Winter Walks

Autumn and Winter Walks

I want to take you back to November 2012. It was a life changer for me as I gave birth to my first child. I thought I knew all I had to come. But I didn't. I had no clue in fact looking back. The midwife visits started just after birth. Checks on Mother and Baby. The first visit I can't remember - the second I can. She was expecting also. We got talking. There was just something about her approach that had me engaged and I instantly took on board and respected what she said. 

"If I have one piece of advice it would be to get up, get dressed and go for a walk each day. It does wonders for your inner self and mental health." 

At the time I took it on board, but before long I would soon know this was very true. 

The weather gets cooler at this time of year. It can be rather tempting to put off going outside if you can avoid it. But I found I got stuck in a rut if I stayed in more than two days on the trot. It made me feel quite down. I felt lonely. Really lonely. Going out and having a little walk with both me and my beautiful girl wrapped up was a breath of fresh air. It was needed. I didn't need to go far, but it broke my day up. Days that were long at times, with little sleep.

Stuck indoors your life is the 4 walls you're in. It can be a lonely place. Yet a simple stroll around the block or further gives you a glimpse of the bustle going on around you. It breaks up your day and it costs nothing. You often don't have to go too far either before you have a pretty stunning view. Autumn and Winter holds some of the most beautiful scenery - so getting out there to see it, to be apart of it - is like medicine to the soul.

Venturing out doesn't have to mean a long, difficult strenuous walk - there are plenty of flat walks that make it easier to access for the whole family - young and old. 
I have found some of the best conversations I've had with family and friends have been when we are outdoors, taking in the surroundings. It's a perfect way to catch up, to explore and to have fun. 

Autumn and Winter Walks

I am incredibly passionate about hands on learning as you know and Autumn/Winter walks have given a wealth of learning opportunities for my children. 

This time of year, my thoughts always turn to the older generation. There are so many stuck indoors for far too long and they don't see a soul. Many lose their confidence to get out and wont leave the house unless they are with somebody. Do you have an older person in your family that you could arrange a gentle walk with? 

Autumn and Winter Walks

Most of us are very lucky to live close to parks, woodland and cafes. In fact lots of parks have cafes in there these days giving a perfect welcome stop to refuel. Pick that bench outdoors and enjoy a cup of whatever you fancy and take in the beauty that is around you. 

Autumn and Winter Walks

If you don't live by the countryside/parks and your doorstep is more city - there is so much to explore. Go outside and talk to somebody knew, learn a little more about different culture and architecture. 
As I mentioned above if you have an elderly relative who needs a little support with walking alongside you - Fenetic Wellbeing could have the answer for you!
Where there is a will, there is a way. 

I look back with such joy and happiness when I recall walks I've enjoyed with my family. I recall our memories as I revisit places we have all been together. It really does do so much for your well being. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Fenetic Wellbeing and support their Autumn Walks campaign. 

While on the subject of Autumn and Winter, lets take a look at some crafts and activities:

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