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Edubox Resources

Edubox Resources

I adored the time spent working in early years and I am really looking forward to returning once my children are all in full time school. For now, I enjoy applying it to the activities and play invitations I set up for my own children at home.
The framework is rather pleasant. I have found lots of ways to be creative and allow activities to be tailored to individual interest and progress to meet areas of learning effectively. I personally wish curriculum's following the Early Years were more in line with this one. It gives lots of opportunity for choice and to lead your teaching and play set ups by children's passions.

As you will know if  you're familiar with the Early Years Framework, Learning Journeys have to be kept to keep a record of the children's progress. The progress is sectioned across different areas of learning and there are bullet points according to ages.

Today I have some really handy tools to share with you to make life with this framework (and others) much easier. Time is precious and having everything handy and in one place is critical for time management and efficiency.

Edubox have created fabulous products that make life as a teacher/practitioner easier and much more straightforward. Their products make all the information you need readily available at your finger tips.

Edubox Resources

Key Fobs
There are many key fobs Edubox provides. In addition to the Early Years Curriculum there is a Scottish Curriculum, Key Stage One and Two Curriculum's, Phonics and P-Levels.

The lightweight fobs clip onto your lanyards which makes them great for accessibility. Want to check a child's sight word knowledge? - You are able to have the sets at hand, all the time.
Writing up observations and need to link them to the curriculum? Turn to your key fob for a quick and handy resource and hold the whole curriculum in the palm of your hands!

I love the key fob size. They don't take up much space on your desk. With a handful of books/learning journeys no doubt spread across the table this is pretty important.
The booklet I used to use would be a nightmare to keep open on the page I needed it too. I would often have to place my arm across the book whilst attempting to get things cut out and transferred over. Key fobs are not only handy but they are really practical.

Browse the selection of Key Fobs by Edubox.

Edubox Resources

Banner Pens

How many times have you gone to do some work and realised a key folder is sat in the opposite place to where you are? Whether you have left it at home or left it at work - you're without documents you need to get the learning journeys and planning moving.

These banner pens are fabulous for having a quick reference tool. Believe it or not all 17 areas of learning are divided into the prime and specific areas on these pens. The areas sit inside the pen and can be pulled out to view the information quickly and easily.

With this resource you can have the curriculum on you at all times.

Browse the selection of Banner Pens on Edubox.

Early Years Foundation Stage Planning Booklets

Working with children pretty much means paperwork these days. Paperwork for Paperwork. You no doubt have folders for this and that plus folders for the sake of having folders. This Booklet is great for having everything in one place.

Edubox Resources

It contains the whole curriculum which is broken down into the key areas of learning. Each section has plenty of space to begin planning for your children according to the School Terms. Brainstorm all the topics you would like covering, any festivals you dont want to miss celebrating with the children. How you would like to prepare certain areas of learning such as the Tuff Tray, Writing Table or Water Tray.

Edubox Resources

Add notes to the curriculum - highlight as you need. Keep a record of how your children are progressing too with their record sheet which you update as each term roll around as part of your baseline assessments.

Browse the Booklets on Edubox.

If you are a teacher, childminder, parent or practitioner - there will be something for you all over on Edubox. Whether you are a parent wanting to understand more about the development of your children and how the curriculum progresses over time. If you're a childminder looking to provide a fun and varied experience for the children that links in with their ages and stages.

Nursery nurses, teachers - you name it - if you have the pleasure of working with children there are tools to help make the paperwork side of things much easier for you.

Head on over to find out more.

I would just like to say a big thank you to Edubox for this collaboration. We love sharing products that we believe in.

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