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Jack Frost Winter Tuff Tray

Jack Frost Winter Tuff Tray

I came across the story Here Comes Jack Frost written by Kazuno Kohara a couple of years ago. I was buying a collection of Winter themed stories from the book people and luckily it was in there. I loved the story because although the tale is simple - it really does ignite the imagination and show how enchanting Winter can be. 

The little boy in the story is feeling lonely. All of his animal friends are hibernating. Out of the blue (see what I did there?!) he stumbles across Jack Frost. A fabulous book to start exploring Winter, Hibernation and even feelings. I guarantee children will wake up excited to find a ground frost after reading this story! If you're feeling brave you could even pop on the dressing gowns and head on outside for a little science experiment! Grab the bubbles and head out in the freezing temperatures and observe the bubbles turning into delicate balls of ice before your eyes!

Anyhow lets get back to today. I am sharing a fabulous Tuff Tray that has been inspired by this wonderful tale. We are very very excited to have the lovely Sue Baxter joining us today for lots of fabulous Wintery Jack Frost Snowflake fun......

Jack Frost Winter Tuff Tray

The mat is PVC that has been cut to size to fit the Tuff Tray. It's white with a shimmer of silver glitter making it the perfect base for this tray. I did have a couple of copies of this story so I used one to share with the children at story time and the other I used to make the props around the tray.

I included some key text from the story that I observed the children reading during their play. I scattered some snowflake confetti and used a range of different snowballs that I picked up from several shops including - The Range and Smyths toy shop.

Jack Frost Winter Tuff Tray

The beading was brought from a garden centre along with the plants on the table. The wooden tree I found in Tiger and spray painted it white. You may have noticed the mirrored lettering. I used it to compliment the Duck Themed Tray I shared with you several months ago. We use them in many of our play set ups. It's a great way to get children familiar with letters and to go on to rearrange them to make words.

The mitten tongs I found in a local kitchen shop. 

Jack Frost Winter Tuff Tray

I had ice packs available out of the freezer too for the children to feel what ice feels like. It amazed me how some children loved the sensation but others were not so keen. 

The large rubbery snowflakes, believe it or not are a Pets Toy from Pets at Home. 

Lets take a look at the Tuff Tray in action:

What crafts and activities have you been up to so far this festive season? There really is something about this time of year that makes crafting a little more exciting!! We would love you to come over onto our social media channels and come and share with us photos of your crafts and activities.

Have you joined our Learning Through Play GROUP yet? Its the place you can be inspired by other like minded people and share your photos to inspire too! We have everything being shared from Outdoor Areas, Tuff Trays, Dens, Literacy set ups, Funky Fingers and endless crafts!
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Jack Frost Winter Tuff Tray

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