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My Role as an Educator Poster

My Role as an Educator Poster

Coming to work with and teach children can be a long process. Some of us dedicate years of our lives training to be the best we can be. It's a profession you go into with the drive and ambition to make a difference. You alone will impact a child's life and if you're great at what you do the impression that you leave on a child will never leave them. 

The way you make them feel, how you build them up. Your words of encouragement, your wonderful smile and the experiences you give them will stay with them (and their families) forever. 

Think back to your own childhood. You will remember at an instant the teachers who brought out the best in you and you may even recall a teacher didn't. I still remember a moment when I was in Year 5. I don't remember the activity we were doing but I remember a teacher telling me off for talking. He went from zero to one hundred. I remember holding back the tears. It was probably my only real telling off in Primary School so I remember it like it was yesterday. 
I can also remember many happy times. I think back with happiness overall. I often wish I could meet with the teachers again to thank them for all they did and to let them know that as young as I was their kindness and their ways have never left me. You could even say they went on to inspire me to go into this profession myself.

I have been having some wonderful discussions in our Learning and Exploring Through Play Group about reviewing our practise to make sure that we offer the very best for out children. 

Are we allowing the children to have a voice? Do we allow them to lead their learning or are most of our tasks planned with little room for movement/imagination? 

Think back to a time where you sat in a meeting. A meeting that was of no interest to you. Perhaps you have attended training and the person leading the session wasn't inspiring. You more than likely switched off. You were no doubt thinking of other things. What am I going to have for tea tonight? I need to put some washing on when I get back? 
You essentially blocked out information you viewed as pointless or boring.

As adults we have greater attention spans than children. If they aren't grasping the learning taking place and you notice fleeting attention sometimes we need to rethink our strategy. How can I have a room full of keen and engaging learners? How can I make the children excited about learning? 

Sometimes we can be guilty of thinking a child is perhaps being naughty by distracting others during our teaching, when in fact they've switched off because they don't understand or it's of no interest to them. Just like you may have done in meetings or training. It's not wrong or naughty to do this.

My Role as an Educator Poster

In our settings we have the power to make children hungry to learn. If we approach things in the right way information will be retained. They will naturally want to know and explore more. 

Even if things are going well. Say for example you are seeing results and the progress is above where you should be - don't stop there. We can always review the way you do things and find new ways to make it better for the children.

Here is a poster I have put together for you to use in your settings. Pin it up in staff rooms. Add a copy to your planners. Give out to staff at your meetings. 

Educators always looking to review and improve their settings and practices are on the right path to success. Together we can raise the standards and make learning fun and inspiring for our children. 

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