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Halloween Themed Play Dough

We have been enjoying some Halloween Themed Play dough in the run up to Halloween!

I began by making the play dough. (Our 'no cook' recipe is great and can be found HERE.)
The black food colouring I used was supermarket branded.
It was a real workout getting the black colouring through the play dough - I think I saw every shade of grey!
We get there in the end, but to get it this black it required a whole bottle of colouring.

Available for play:

This was how the invitation for play looked today with lots of opportunity to add different textures.

Little N has really been enjoying 'Room on the Broom' over the last week or two, she was immediately drawn to the witch on the play dough mat.
"Witch is cross" she said, sitting down at the table.
"She is isn't she, why do you think she's cross?" I asked.
"Witch isn't well." she replied.
(This made me smile to myself, I love how children think, its so sweet and innocent!)
"N---, the witch is sad because she has no hat." I said
"Wheres hat gone?" Little N questioned.
Adding "Blew in wind" before I had chance to reply.

Little N was linking this witches hat going missing to the reason from Room on the Broom, which I thought was pretty impressive!

"She would like a new hat" I said. "Shall we make her one?

Little N reached across the table and selected the witched hat cookie cutter.
"Make hat" she said passing me the hat cutter.
"Shall we do it together?" I asked
"Yes" she replied.

We worked together to push the play dough down flat. She helped with the hand held roller. together we pushed the cutter down into the dough and Da Da we had made a hat!

Little N placed the hat on the witches hat then set about adding some of the media's around her. She began by pushing a straw down into the dough, she quickly removed this and then went to the glitter pot. Using her finger tips she sprinkled glitter on the hat, followed by some orange lentils.
Once she had finished she selected the cutter from the cauldron and began to slice the hat up.

Soon after she had finished slicing the hat up, Little N began to pick up the play dough pieces and she clenched her fist together. She then began to rub her hands together with the play dough in her palms. She was amazed that she had made her first ever 'play dough sausage'. She spent several minutes making these, slicing them up and then making them again.

She then glanced over and saw some more play dough mats.
"More" she said.
I reached for the spider web mat.
"Web!" she said.
"Who lives in a web?" I questioned.
"A spider" she answered.

I took some play dough into my hands and passed a similar amount to Little N she watched closely as I shower her how to make a ball using your hands. She copied the motion and made a good attempt at making a ball. She added the ball to the web.
"The spider has no legs!" I said.
"Oh dear, he wants some" Little N replied.
"I think he does are you going to help him?"
With that Little N selected some pipe cleaners and straws. She pushed them into the play dough and asked for the ball I had just made. Again she added it to the dough. She added legs to that spider too.
There was a last little ball of play dough at her side. Independently she repeated the motion and made another ball.
She added some legs. 
"Mommy, Daddy and Baby" she said once she had finished.
She then pointed at each one in turn and counted "One, two, three".
"That looks great!" I said

We then went on to sing Incy Wincy Spider with the actions.

Little N had really enjoyed playing with the play dough today! I am looking forward to leaving this activity out tomorrow for free play and to see how she reacts. Whether so goes on to repeat anything we have done today or if she does something completely different.


- Manipulating materials and tools
- Exploring media's using senses
- Fine motor control
- Showing curiosity to explore
- Using resources with help
- Engaged in an activity
- Rigid attention
- Developing language
- Imaginative Play
- Counting


To use some more play dough mats as she really enjoyed this today.
To continue working on manipulating the dough to create planned outcomes such as the balls and sausages she has learnt to make today!
More texture play dough. Little N is a fan of mixing and adding and this gives her the opportunity to do that.

Here are some affiliate Amazon links for your convenience:

Learning Through Play
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