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Gelibaff Turning Water into Goo

Gelibaff  ‘turn water into Goo!...’

We are Alcester Nursery, charity run and set in Warwickshire. 
Our nursery is purpose built and set up for free flow play. 
We are very passionate about offering a variety of experiences for the children and run regular forest school sessions as well as using outside organisations such as Footie bugs and Rhythm Time to further enhance provision.

Today we have been enjoying exploring Gelibaff.

Such a great activity from start to finish with so many opportunities for learning. 

The activity was started by a group of children in the morning and left out all day for the children to explore and revisit at their own leisure.

We started off with the powder in a large tray with high sides, we set up near the outside tap so that the children could access the water themselves.

I opened the packet and let the children pour the blue crystals into the tray.
Little 1 said “it looks like sugar!”
Little 2 said “blue! blue!”
We spent a few minutes swirling our fingers around in the powder and making marks.

I then began to talk to the children telling them that we could maybe change the feel of  the powder by using water. 
I encouraged the children to think about where we could get some water from.
Some of the children began to hunt around outside for containers to fill at the tap.

The children can reach the tap and fill the containers by themselves.

“You have lots of water” I said to little 3
Little 3 “more”
"You need some more?" I questioned.
Little 3 “yes”.

Little 1 took the lead and started giving instructions to the other children.
“You get water and I will mix it all up!”
The other children began to add the water.
Little 1 "we need more and more"

The children worked together harmoniously. Some children enjoying filling and emptying containers while others choose to mix and explore the gellibaff. 

Once it had reached a consistency Little 1 was happy with we turned off the tap.
The water transporters quickly lost interest.

One child walked past with a dinosaur and decided to place it in the Gellibaff, looking at the blue goo that got stuck to its feet. 

Other children saw this and decide to transport all of the dinosaurs into the tray.

The dinosaurs interested others who initially chose to not participate. 

The dinosaurs were stomping through the Gellibaff. 

Little 4 began dropping handfuls of Goo onto the dinosaurs, he was engrossed and smiled to himself as he was doing so.

In the afternoon I put the tray on the floor.
I began talking to Little 5 who has such a great sense of humour. "Would like to have a go at walking in it?" I asked.
Little 5 wasn't interested at all. 

Meanwhile, Little 4 was back, (overhearing what I had just said) Little 4 sat quietly and removed shoes and socks independently and before dangled their toes into the tray

Exploring the Gelibaff with their feet Little 4 smiled away and threw their hands up into the air.
“Dirty, dirty” Little 4 squealed with excitement.

Little 4 spent a long time wallowing in his play, not one other child showed any interest.

I sit quietly and watched Little 4, I choose not to intervene as Little 4 was so engrossed in what they were doing. 

Little 4 picked up a dinosaur and dropped it into the tray. Little 4 then picked it up, covered in Gelibaff and examined it closely in their hands. 
Little 4 started to rub it into his legs like a cream! 

Sometimes just to stop and watch a child play and explore -really is a gift!

-         Exploring using senses
-         Engaged in an activity
-         Rigid attention
-         Developing language – using mathematical language such as full/ more
-         Playing with and alongside others.
-         Cause and effect – exploring change
-         Time to wallow – follow own paths of interest

-         To have the activity out again so that children can revisit it and explore their learning further
-         Use other resources that are similar such as jelly stones or water pearls.

You can view Alcesters Nursery Facebook Page Here: Alcester Nursery

Learning Through Play
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1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a great experience! The littles all had something to enjoy from the setup to playing.


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