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Wool Easter Egg Treats

These Wool Easter Egg treats are great fun to create and make lovely decorations and treats over the Easter celebrations. Whether you give them away to your friends and family or include them during the Easter Egg hunts they are a great colorful touch.

Keep in mind the people you will be giving the eggs to and consider any allergies they may have when selecting the treats.

You will need:

A selection of wool
CLEAR PVA Glue (PVA glue is also known as - 'white glue' or 'hobby and craft')
Treats such as covered chocolate eggs
Water bomb balloons
Wide container such as a yogurt pot
A method for drying-
We used a radiator dryer and wooden pegs.

1. Open up the top of the balloon and slide in the chocolate eggs and treats. I used my middle fingers to hold open the balloon passage and my index fingers to push the chocolate eggs inside.

2. Once your balloons are filled with treats, blow them up.

3. Fill a container of clear PVA glue. (I used a wide yogurt pot.)

4.  I pulled the wool out at roughly 1.5 meters and cut, ready to soak into PVA glue. Make sure the wool is soaked through. This will provide a firmer structure at the end.

5. Take the balloon and begin wrapping the wool, soaked in PVA around the balloon. Take into account the size of the treats you have placed inside the balloon. You dont want gaps that will allow the treats to fall out at the end.

6. When you run out of wool, its time to hang the balloons up to dry. I found the radiator drier and pegs very effective as I was able to hang them over the door too so they were out of the way of little inquisitive hands. I left these drying for a day.

7. Once fully dry use a needle to burst the balloon. Your lovely wooly egg treats are ready.

We used our wool Easter Egg treats in a bowl for decorations before giving them out at our Traditional Easter BBQ, that we have each year.

During the BBQ we added them to the prizes at the end of the Easter Egg hunt.

The adults really enjoyed taking part in the egg hunt too and loved that they all had treats.

You could also create them to use for Easter decorations around your home and garden.

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Amy Louise
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