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Sensory Play for Kids

Here is our collection of our sensory play activities here at Learning and Exploring Through Play. If you are looking for sensory play under a particular category - select an option below. If not continue scrolling down to view all of the fun in one place...

Sensory Categories 

Playdough            Water Play            Sensory Bags            Tuff Trays            Sensory Soups

Shaving Foam       Ice                        Shaving Foam           Bubbles                Exploring Texture

Painting                 Light Table           Edible Play               Nature                    

Shaving Foam Painting & Mark Making

A delightful, messy sensory experience and a fun painting technique perfect for focusing on the process....

Continue Reading - Shaving Foam Painting and Mark Making

Cornflour Sensory Play

Add an interesting spin to cornflour sensory play by adding a fun element of experimenting and creating......

Continue Reading - Cornflour Sensory Play

27 Innovative and Fun Ideas for Water Play 

Water Play can be done indoors and outdoors and is more often than not a great hit for children. 

They learn new language and experiment with different ways of doing things. They explore different concepts and while they are busy learning, water play also provides calming tendencies.
Just think when you......

Continue Reading - 27 Innovative and Fun Ideas for Water Play 

Frozen Rainbow

We love water beads for sensory play!  They are tiny little balls that expand when hydrated in water. It takes around.......

Continue Reading - Frozen Rainbow

Ice Painting

If you are looking for great fun activities for kids this is towards the top of our list!
It gives children the opportunity to explore colour mixing, patterns and feel the texture of the slippery, cold, wet paint. You can also talk about the science behind ice - discuss.....

Continue Reading - Ice Painting

Glow in the Dark Activities for Kids

Guest Post from Today's Play.
We recently created a black light room because, let’s be honest, who isn’t fascinated by objects glowing under black light?!  We had a space under our loft that was fairly dark so we hung a black light tube fixture and then I........

Continue Reading - Glow in the Dark Activities for Kids

Spring Sensory Box

Sensory Boxes are great for Sensory stimulation providing hands on learning. They give an opportunity for imaginative play and exploring a......

Continue Reading - Spring Sensory Box

Sensory Tuff Trays

Guest Post - The Ark
A wonderful collection of hands on learning through sensory play using Tuff Trays.

Continue Reading - Sensory Tuff Tray

Cardboard Castle Fort 

Children just love playing with cardboard boxes don't they? The most simplest of things please them the most!
Here we share a cardboard castle fort we created filled with lots of sensory items to explore....

Continue Reading - Cardboard Castle Fort

Playdough Sensory Bag

We used some black homemade playdough for this activity and added some neon straws. We placed  a....

Continue Reading - Playdough Sensory Bag

Painting Snow

We had a snowy down pour last night while Little N was in bed (typical as she would have loved it), so I was really happy to have woken this morning to a beautiful snow covered garden! Glad it didn't turn to rain and melt. We had enough to collect some up in a tray and.....

Continue Reading - Painting Snow

Frozen Inspired Sensory Bag

We have been exploring different sensory bags lately and I decided to put together a Frozen themed/inspired sensory bag for Little N.
I used blue hair gel to fill the bag. Hair gel is my....

Continue Reading - Frozen Inspired Sensory Bag

Snowflake Textured Playdough

Using our simple homemade playdough recipe we created sky blue dough. I put out a range of tools and decorations to get creative.

The invitation for play looked....

Continue Reading - Snowflake Textured Playdough

The Adventures of a Sensory Tuff Tray

Guest Post from The Ark
A very impressive collection of sensory Tuff Trays. Very easy to put together and great fun for hands on learning.

Continue Reading - The Adventures of a Sensory Tuff Tray

Seed Planting

We had several packets of seeds that needed to be started now so we snapped up the opportunity on a cool but sunny day to get out in the garden and get........

Continue Reading - Seed Planting

Exploring Weather Through Sensory Play

Guest Post -  Play and Leisure Opportunity Library in Swansea
We always pick a theme for our sessions to ensure the children get a good variety of different activities and it also really helps us to be creative in our planning. We try to target as many senses as possible and always consider the needs of the children attending when we are......

Continue Reading - Exploring Weather Through Sensory Play

Custard Sensory Box

Sensory Play is so valuable for young children and we try to do as much of it as we can, this week we explored a custard filled sensory box that was great for stimulating all 5 senses.....

Continue Reading - Custard Sensory Box

Winter Nature Ice

You may have seen a post from us recently where we went on a lovely Woodland Winter Walk. Little N took her wicker basket and had collected lots of Nature which we brought home to take a closer look at. We used some of it to make..........

Continue Reading - Winter Nature Ice

Textured Heart Playdough

Little N was in her element today with this playdough activity. She loves anything pretty and sparkly so she was spoilt for choice in this set up! She spent such a long time selecting her decorations and adding them to her......

Continue Reading - Textured Heart Playdough

Night Sky Sensory Bag

The water was a great filler for the sensory bag. Little N placed her hands onto the bag and put pressure on one side which pushed the water under......

Continue Reading - Night Sky Sensory Bag

Spring Themed Sensory Bag

We had great fun with the water bead sensory bag and explored it in a range of different places which altered the experience each time....

Continue Reading - Spring Themed Sensory Bag

Heart Soup

Here was an invitation to create, explore and imagine.
An invitation to stimulate 4 of the 5 senses.....
Continue Reading - Heart Soup

Valentines Sensory Box

Pour the rice into a container and begin to add the colouring. Using a metal spoon, work the colour through the rice. Stir thoroughly to....

Continue Reading - Valentines Sensory Box

Heart Themed Sensory Bag

I used pink shampoo to fill this heart themed sensory bag. Shampoo that is almost transparent is a really good sensory bag filler as it is very....

Continue Reading - Heart Themed Sensory Bag

Snowflake Soup

Snowflake Soup was such a fun water play activity. Little N is a big fan of the Disney Film Frozen. It links in well not only with Little N's current interests but also the time of year - Winter. 

Continue Reading - Snowflake Soup

New Year Sensory Box

Guest Post - Building Blocks & Acorns
A fun rummage tub perfect for new year sensory play....

Continue Reading - New Year Sensory Box

Winter Soup

We had been on such a lovely family walk in the Wyre Forest, on a very Frosty morning today. Whilst we were out walking Little N was also very busy collecting items in he wicker basket.......

Continue Reading - Winter Soup

Gelibaff Goo

Guest Post - Alcester Nursery
Such a great activity from start to finish with so many opportunities for learning. 
The activity was started by a group of children in the morning and left out all day for the children to explore and revisit at their own leisure.
We started off with the.....

Continue Reading - Gelibaff Goo

Open Ended Play with Small Loose Parts

Guest Post - Gingerbread Lane
An extremely inspiring post, showing open ended play with small loose parts at its finest!

Continue Reading -
Open Ended Play with Small Loose Parts

Unbelievably simple and great for sensory stimulation. Come and see the different ways we played with ice cubes on a hot sunny day......

Continue Reading -
Ice Cube Mark Making

I think at some point in all our child hoods we can all recall on standing at the sink with a bowl full of fluffy white bubbles being......

Continue Reading - Bubble Painting

Water Wall

Looking for a different water play activity? Why not create your own water wall? Here we share the one we made and give you some ideas on how to create one that is safer for children.....

Continue Reading - Water Wall

7 Fun Activities for the Light Table

Guest Post - Crawl2explore Daycare
I provide a range of materials to explore at the light table and the children enjoy providing their ideas too. Our lightbox has been used over and over in role play, sensory fun, building and educational activities. Here we were......

Continue Reading - 7 Fun Activities for the Light Table

Christmas Sensory Box

We have been loving out Christmas Sensory Box! Its given Little N a perfect opportunity to explore the different things she can see around our home, up close and personal.....

Continue Reading - Christmas Sensory Box

Christmas Sensory Box

Guest Post - Tess Norman
I have introduced sensory boxes into my setting to spark imagination and fascination, to encourage the children to use their senses, and to develop......

Continue Reading - Christmas Sensory Box

Foggy Forest Walks

It was a Foggy Saturday morning and we decided to put our wellies on and venture out for a Foggy Forest Autumn Walk. We packed a picnic to take with us so.......

Continue Reading - Foggy Forest Walks

Autumn Walk 

Autumn walks are so relaxing, thought provoking with so many beautiful colours to look at and lots of new natural textures to explore.....

Continue Reading - Autumn Walk

Autumn Textured Playdough

A fun way to use nature you have been busy collecting on your nature walks and to extend playdough fun.....

Continue Reading - Autumn Textured Playdough

Guest Post - Jo
I really do love this idea! Creating your very own homemade playdough decorated wreath. Perfect for Toddlers + (under supervision) .....

Continue Reading - Christmas Playdough Wreath

Christmas Tree Playdough

This was a play date activity for us and we made it work really well for children ranging from 12 months to 3 years. Come and see how....

Continue Reading - Christmas Tree Playdough

Sensory Shaving Foam Painting

Very little needed for this activity and its so calming and beautiful....

Continue Reading - Sensory Shaving Foam Painting

Valentines Lightbox

This is our 'Valentines Heart Light Box' but to be truthful - who wouldn't enjoy this any day of the year?

Continue Reading - Valentines Lightbox
 Guide to Creating Fun Sensory Bags

The in's and the out's of Sensory Bags....

Continue Reading - Guide to Creating Fun Sensory Bags
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