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Mommy Wars

The Mommy Wars are real. They happen over everything and anything.
In fact did you know you cant do anything right in Mommy War Law. The amount of times you bath your child is incorrect. You should be reading a lot more to your Toddler. How dare you share the same bed as your child! Breast is best. Oh and dummies don't even get me started on them!
Why is this happening??
Parenthood is a beautiful phase. The overwhelming love and protection you have for your children is beyond what any words could express! We devote our time, our effort and our love for the most precious thing we will ever have - our own family.
We all struggle, we all do our best. We all make mistakes, we all feel guilty. We feel lonely, we feel overwhelmed, we are learning. We are all human, embracing Parenthood in our own way.
The constant judgement from one Mom to the next is a complete breakdown in our Mommy society.
We have all heard the phase 'there is no such thing as a perfect parent but a million ways to be a good one'. This is true. Passing judgement on someone else in a negative way because their way isn't your way, just highlights ignorance on your own behalf. It's time to stop judging people by our own standards and see that our way isn't the only way!
Don't agree with the way that Mommy rocks her baby to sleep? Oh that lady is breast feeding in a public place. Can you believe that Mom doesn't make her own baby food from scratch!? Why would you allow your child to sleep in the same bed as you? Can you believe shes a stay at home Mum? Just STOP - It really is none of your business! 
What is your business is your family. 
Next time you go to judge a fellow Mommy for the choices she has made for her family, just stop. Don't say a single word. Just stop yourself! Instead remind yourself her way is absolutely fine! Wouldn't work for you? - She isn't asking it to. Your way wouldn't work for her family either!
See past your initial judgement and be that better person. We all do things differently because we are different. We have different ideas, different values, we come from different places. Whats important to me may not be as important to you and visa versa but that's great! We was never made to be the same, to do the same things. We are all unique.
So together lets stop making presumptions and thinking we know best. Lets start working together, playing together, supporting together! Lets start believing in ourselves and the choices we make. 
If you were to put your children in a room with the children of the Mom's you had passed judgement on - they would share, smile, and laugh. We could take a lesson from this. The pure mind of a child sees everyone as equal, and at the end of the day - isn't that what we are?
The Mommy wars need to stop but it starts with us first. 
Lets pass this message on and lets get this Mommy War over with! 
Lets stand together - not against each other.
Happy Parenting - You're doing great!
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