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Giant Bubbles Recipe

Giant Bubbles Recipe Make your own Giant Bubbles

No matter what your age, we can't help but be mesmerised by bubbles!
Whether you have a babe in arms who enjoys watching them as they graciously float down or a toddler who stumbles through them excitedly - they bring joy. They make us giggle and as grown ups there is always that challenge of who can blow the most or biggest bubbles! 

We take to the outdoors all year round really. We brave all elements and enjoy exploring what they have to offer. I know many of you are the same! I am loving getting to know you in our Group and Instagram! Now the weather is on the up more and more time will be spent enjoying the fresh air in the garden (or out and about). 

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. If you use the links, I may earn a commission at no extra charge to you. 

Scroll down for our recipe. 
Giant Bubbles Recipe Make your own Giant Bubbles

Today I want to share with you a fabulous activity that will keep the whole family mesmerised and excited! Giant Bubbles! With a simple ingredient and a couple of items you too can create Super Sized Bubbles!

The tray that we used is called a Tuff Tray. You can get one from Amazon. I've had this tray for such a long time now but they now come in all colours! There are so many fantastic ideas for Tuff Trays. We use the constantly over on Learning and Exploring Through Play. Here are a couple: 

Ramadan Tuff Tray Activities for Children    Pig Week Tuff Tray    Bee's Needs Week Tuff Tray Bee Activities for Kids


The Trays are great for planning and containing activities. You can also buy stands for them which are the perfect height for Preschoolers. I have seen people creating fabric sides that drape down from the tray on the stand to make a quiet den underneath too!

You can see them here - Tuff Trays
I quite fancy the blue one next, to add to my own personal collection. I think it will accompany the Under the Sea themes brilliantly that I usually cover in the warmer months.

Giant Bubbles Recipe Make your own Giant Bubbles

We spent pretty much all day challenging each other to make bigger bubbles! Neve loved stepping inside the tray as we lifted up the hoop and created a huge bubble all around her.

It really was so addictive and calming. We all kept saying "just one more..." In all fairness we could have done with a Tuff Tray each so we could all have created super sized bubbles in sync. 

The weather was perfect as we had a little breeze to help the bubbles grow but nothing too harsh that would keep bursting them! The colourful rainbows that glistened as the sun shone down on them really mesmerised my little one. 

It was a really great way to explore language together. I love hands on learning like this. I could ask questions to get a really good understanding of where here learning was at.
Things we spoke about will be more memorable too as we did a physical activity that she found fun and was fully engaged the whole time.

Keep scrolling to find out how to make your own bubbles -

Giant Bubbles Recipe Make your own Giant Bubbles

When doing this activity with the children it gives lots of learning opportunities. Some of the questions you might want to explore together may include:

- Which object makes the biggest/smallest bubbles?
- What colours can you see in the bubbles?
- Can you make a bubble bigger than the dog/bush/you?
- Why do bubbles float?
- Why do bubbles burst? 
- What do you like about the bubbles? 
- Is there anything you don't like about the bubbles?
- If you could make a giant bubble and send it somewhere where would you sent it? Why?
- If you could send a giant bubble to someones house - who would you send it to?

If there are any other key questions you enjoyed exploring with the children, leave me a comment in the blog post below and I will add them.

Giant Bubbles Recipe Make your own Giant Bubbles

The bubbles seemed to pop in slow motion! It was such an addictive activity! I loved how little Neve at only 2 years old could so this activity completely independently too! She was bouncing around with pride as she somehow ended up creating larger bubbles than the adults could.

The cheers and giggles that went on in my garden was just wonderful! I'm pretty confident that it wont be very long before Neve asks to do this activity again. Next time I plan to have lots more items for her to use to make bubbles. We have just brought some new tennis rackets so they would make a great addition. I will also include hangers and allow her the opportunity to look around and see what items she chooses to trail.

It will be a good chance to review which items work best to create bubbles. Which items make big bubbles and which make small bubbles.

Keep scrolling down to see the step by step instructions to make your own Giant Bubbles.

TIP - Don't empty the contents onto the grass as it didn't make my lawn too happy!

If you are having trouble getting the bubbles to form consider the following - 

- Have you added too much water? You may need to add more fairy liquid if that is the case. 
- What is the weather like? Are the conditions (wind in particular) too strong?
- Are your hands positioned on the outside of the hula hoop to prevent your fingers from bursting to bubbles before they have chance to form?

I LOVE seeing your pictures! Thank you to everyone who has been tagging me in the photos and videos - 

Giant Bubbles Recipe

Send me your pictures via Email or any of my social media channels to add to the post. 
I love seeing your activities! 

.....to see LOTS of inspirational crafts and activities in action!

Step by step guide to making your own Bubbles:

You will need: 
A Hula Hoop
Tuff Tray
Fairy Liquid/Dish Soap equivalent 

Fill your Tuff Tray with water. I found them to be the perfect size for the Hula Hoop. In a circular motion begin adding your fairy liquid.

We added the whole bottle to ours. Recycle your empty container before popping in your Hula Hoop and creating your own super sized bubbles! Who will be able to make the biggest? What other items can you use to make bubbles?

Lets take a look at the video to see the Bubbles in Action.

Giant Bubbles Recipe Make your own Giant Bubbles

I would love to see what you have been making and creating. Make sure you are in our Play Group where we have a fantastic community of 9 thousand people sharing all their activities, play set ups and settings from all over the world! 

You can request to join our GROUP here - Learning and Exploring Through Play GROUP.

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  1. These look like so much fun!! My kids love bubbles; we will have to try this.

  2. Loving the video! This used to be a favourite summer activity with my class - we would see how many children we could get in the bubble. We used to add cornflour to our recipe - I wonder if it made a difference or not. Thanks for sharing on #TuffSpotTuesday

  3. What is fairy liquid and where can you find it?

  4. even as an adult i love giant bubbles!

  5. What is Fairy Liquid?


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