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Her love my medicine

Life with a Toddler can be busy, hectic, stressful and very fun. Things seem to move at 100 miles an hour and in the calmer moments you're left feeling rather emotional wondering where you baby has gone. Looking on observing your Toddler you question where the months have gone. Your toddler is now very keen to have as much independence as possible and will protest if you attempt to step in. Their character is blossoming, their energy is in abundance. 
This weekend has been pretty manic. We went to my friends wedding which was lovely but boy my stress levels were through the roof!! It had been the usual manic morning rushing around to get ready (even though I had prepared as much as I could the evening before). Nothing ever goes to plan with a little one around and I really should know that by now. 

My Toddler looked very beautiful in her summery dress and did pretty well during the ceremony, although I was pretty worried that at any given minute she could potentially burst into a Frozen song. She didn't. Phew!

We went outside for photographs and the little ones were running around, I saw it happening. I even said aloud a few times - 'slow down' 'somebody is going to hurt themselves'. BAM. Little N fell grazing her knees and her beautiful face. She was stressed, she let everyone know just how upset she was and it took a great deal to calm her down. 

It had been a funny start to the day. The evening was a little better but I still had to have eyes everywhere for my inquisitive, now injured toddler. She got all her dress wet and needed a change of clothes (I did actually bring a new outfit along today). She didn't eat much and anytime we attempted to get her attention for a drink, the toilet etc - she ran! Shouting "Nooooooo" - She was having fun and didn't want to be interrupted! 

Sunday, I woke and I felt rough! I must add this wasn't down to drinking. I don't drink. It was down to an emotion overload the day before. We had breakfast. Grabbed the wellies and we went out for a walk in the woods. Boy did I need that. I needed to de-stress and re-energize. It helped. 

We also went for a carvery after our walk. The pub was BUSY. Little N had just woken from the car journey so was still coming round. We sat at our table and Daddy went to get us a drink. Little N climbed up on my lap. Rested her head on me and I reached out to cuddle her. Right there, this was my medicine. My toddler sitting on my lap, in the middle of a busy place, STILL and giving me the most heartfelt cuddle.

I lowered my head, by hers, and I shut my eyes. It was as if the hustle and bustle faded in that very moment. Like we were the only people in the world. I got lost in this power. The power of love, between Mother and her child. 

This was a special moment as we sat cuddling each other, we were bonding. We were healing each other. The stress seemed to rise completely from my body. I was starting to feel me again. 

I sat there thinking how very lucky I was. That someday my beautiful toddler would outgrow my lap. This special embrace with her I wouldn't feel then. So I wanted to soak it up. I held her as long as she would let me. I felt touched! I felt loved and I know she did too.

When was the last time you stopped, closed your eyes and absorbed that very moment? 

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