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Autumn Squirrel Sensory Bin

Preschoolers are so inquisitive. They notice the smallest of details. They are interested, eager to learn and they LOVE hands on activities that allow them to explore.

Sensory Bins are always a fun way to introduce new topics and to develop interests. They are a great talking point. You can really learn a lot about your children by taking a step back and watching the way they use the materials and how they interact and play with their peers.

We have created a handful of them now and look forward to making lots more over the coming year. 

Today we are sharing a Squirrel Themed Sensory Bin.

We have the lovely Cindy O'Brien joining us again today. We love the activities she gets up to in her home run daycare centre and it is always a pleasure to have her here at Learning and Exploring Through Play!

We have really been enjoying using Sensory Bins in our playroom as of late! I create them based on the season/topic we are working on aswel as the children's individual interests.

The theme for this week has been squirrels!

The base for our bin was acorns. What I really liked about using them for our base was that the children had been out enjoying collecting them in our backyard. It was a talking point actually as they recalled their input in collecting them all!

I also added tree stumps and logs. There were cute felt leaves and pumpkins. Metal cans to collect the acorns up along with burlap bags. Small rakes and of course not forgetting squirrels!

The children have loved sitting and arranging the squirrels. 

They have been busy filling and emptying the bucket of acorns.

It has been great fun for mean listening as 'the squirrels interact and talk'! 

Some children have also enjoyed simply running their hands through the acorn covered bottom.  

I have found the squirrels all gathered on one wood piece, hiding under the acorns or off in a toy wagon going for a ride together to the shops!  

I love the imagination and creativity that these sensory bins create each week.  

Each child reacts different to them.  Some play alone.  

Some dialogue with other children and role play.  
It is delightful to watch and listen to!

A big thank you to Cindy for sharing her super cute Squirrel Sensory Bin with us! We look forward to having you back to share another activity very soon!

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  1. We love Sensory Bins! I would love it if you would share your sensory ideas at my Sensory Bin Play Link Up!http://ourhomeofmanyblessings.com/sensory-bin-ideas/

  2. Anonymous24/5/16 04:06

    Where did you get your squirrels?

  3. Where did you get those squirrels??

  4. Where did you get the squirrels? I love your sensory bin!

  5. Where did you find the squirrels?


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