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Christmas Family Traditions to Start: Make Memories that will last Forever

The festive season is pretty magical. Its a special time where families and friends gather and enjoy one anothers company! Life gets busy but it really is a joy to see people we love the most and spoil them rotten!! One thing I personally LOVE about Christmas Time is the Family Traditions people have!

In the Summer we had a family get together, we all sat around in the garden having a good old natter! It was lovely! The conversation soon turned to the different things we remembered as children - many over the festive period. We laughed and we even cried with happiness at the wonderful memories we had!

You see the traditions you do with your children are not only enjoyed NOW they mean the world in years to come! Once your children are all grown with families of their own - they may continue some of the traditions you did with them as children too! They bring warmth to the heart and you see this is the reason why I am very keen to introduce some new ones to my family over the festive period this year! 

So I have been scouring the good old internet for lots of Festive Tradition Inspiration. Here are 20 fabulous traditions to start with your family too - making memories that will last forever!!

1. Make a Christmas Eve Suprize Box

Christmas Eve is a time where excitement is uncontrollable! Give you little ones a box full of goodies to enjoy the night before Christmas! From PJs, to sweeties, to DVDs and craft packs keep them busy and give them lots to occupy them!

You could even consider a Suprize Box treasure hunt and leave clues dotted round the house to lead them to the next clue and so on until they eventually discover their Box! Great idea for the older children especially!

2. Write a Letter to Santa and send off for a personalized reply!!!

Writing to Santa is a must! I remember as a child grabbing the Argos book and flicking through compiling the lists of gifts I most wanted! Give your little ones a stamp and head on down to the post box and post their letters!

You could take it one step further and arrange a reply letter from Santa himself! Invite Express have a wide range of letters and designs to choose from!

3. T'was the Night Before Christmas

It wouldn't be Christmas without this delightful tale!

Another great book to read over this festive season is - Emilys Christmas Gifts. A lovely, thoughtful story that will help teach your children that the best gifts are kindness and consideration.

In addition to these two must have reads, here are a handful more you may wish to consider:

Olafs Night Before Christmas
Is it Christmas Yet?
Bear Stays up for Christmas
One Snowy Night - A Tale from Percys Park
Dear Father Christmas
The Jolly Christmas Postman
The Nativity Story
Father Christmas Needs a Wee

5. Visit a Tree Farm and go and pick your Christmas Tree together!

Just like they do in the films! The smell of a REAL Christmas Tree in your home is beyond delightful! Instead of heading to the shops - why not take your family on an outing to go and choose and chop down your very own tree!!

6. Decorate the Christmas Tree together

You may need to do some jiggling of course, once the little darlings head on up to bed but involve them and compliment how well they are doing!

My Mom always involved me when decorating the tree and I remember now how much I loved the responsibility and the freedom to get stuck in!

You may want to consider a smaller tree for their bedrooms/ playrooms/ wendy houses. Why not give them an allowance to go shopping for some decorations and let them be in charge of decorating their very own tree too! Just make sure the decorations are suitable for the age of your children.

7. Celebrate St.Nick

On the Eve of 5th of Dec get polishing your shoes and leave them by the fireplace / front door for Saint Nick! Place your Christmas wish lists inside your shoes and Saint Nick will stop by while you are sleeping to collect them in time for Christmas!

He will even leave behind some treats to enjoy leading up to the big day.

Head on over to Shower of Roses to see exactly how they go about doing this tradition with their family.

8. Kindness Elves

Kindness Elves are an alternative to the popular Elf on the Shelf tradition.

Created by The Imagination Tree these super cute Elves will surely spread lots of caring Christmas Cheer over the festive period!

New for this year The Imagination Tree have a FANTASTIC Kindness Elves product that you are just going to LOVE! I cant wait to get my hands on a set!

You can find 25 fabulous ideas to get you started here.

9. Elf on the Shelf

Little N has just turned 3, so this is something I am introducing to her this year! An Elfs Story DVD is a great way to introduce your Elf.

Over the month of December he will get up to all kinds of magic and mischief while your little one is sleeping, ready to discover in the morning!

Get 30 Genius ideas here

If you have any images of your Elf on the Shelf fun - come over to our Facebook page and share them with us!! You can never have too much inspiration!

10. Track Santa

From December 1st you can track Santa through various apps on your phone or visit NORAD
Via this website you can show your little ones where in the world Santa is and when he is up to!

Especially great on Christmas Eve as it shows you which countries he has already visited and left gifts for!

11. Twelve Days of Giving

Many large companies also give this tradition a go. Its a tradition where you spend 12 days in the run up to Christmas giving to benefit local charities, organisations or people in the community you live in. You may offer to help out at a local animal sanctuary, do a sponsored walk and donate to a local charity, buy a gift for a loved one and put a smile on their faces!

12. Christmas Light Walk

Wrap up nice and warm and head on out in the crisp cool air to look at all the lovely twinkly light displays on peoples houses and local shops!

We always tie this in with posting Christmas cards to local friends and family. You cant beat that lovely cup of hot chocolate once you arrive back home too!!!

13. Make your own Wrapping Paper

Brown Parcel Paper makes great Christmas wrapping paper! Let your little ones free with paint - handprints, footprints, stampers, cookie cutters - all work great at creating unique paper for your friends and family!

14. Go to see a show or pantomime 

15. Make some Christmas Ornaments/Keepsakes 

Christmas Tree Hats - Learning and Exploring Through Play
Ribbon Christmas Tree - Fireflies and Mudpies
Snowman Spool Craft - Learning and Exploring Through Play
Saltdough Rudolf Footprint - Messy Little Monster
Toilet Roll Snowflake Decorations - Learning and Exploring Through Play
A Letter from a loved one Ornament - Tracys Trinkets
Saltdough Santa Handprint - Messy Little Monster
Ruldolf Handprint Craft - Learning and Exploring Through Play
Handprint Wreath - Adventures of Adam
DIY Christmas Lumanaries Jars - Learning and Exploring Through Play

16. Hang up your stockings!

Yes Moms and Dads that means you too!!

Why dont you do a secret Santa type stocking filler gift?

If you are big on sensory fun in your house you wont want to miss 'And Next Comes L's' compilation of Sensory Stocking Stuffer ideas for children:

Sensory Toy Stocking Filler Ideas for Kids

17. Bake some cookies for Santa

Not only is this a lovely idea but baking them yourself means you can also eat them while they are still lovely and warm - fresh out of the oven!! Mmm!

With so much inspiration out there, be sure to check out The Ultimate Collection of Christmas Cookie Recipes from In The Playroom, all the best ideas in one place!!

Oh and don't forget your personalized plate especially for Santa.

You can have up to 3 names added to this plate and delivered straight to your door in time for Christmas!

More designs are also available......

18. Attend a Christmas Service

You don't have to be religious to attend a Christmas Service. Often lit by candle light, sing along with your local community and sing some of your favourite Christmas Carols. Many services also have the opportunity to write our tags to attach to their Christmas Trees to remember loved ones.

19. 25 Random Acts of Kindness

25 bags all filled with a fun task to complete. You may wish to do them independently or as a family. Bring a smile to the faces of friends, family and the local community.
I love how Differentiated Kindergarten display their tasks and their favourite task picture is adorable!!

20. Use Reindeer food to sprinkle some magic

May your glitter light the way on Christmas Eve night and show the reindeer exactly where you live!

A lovely round up of 20 Christmas Family Traditions to start! Making memories with the people you love most that will last a lifetime!

21. Decorate a Gingerbread House!

Make a night of this and have the little ones over to decorate Gingerbread Houses!
Play Christmas Music and enjoy some nibbles!

You could also-

Create a Table Top Gingerbread House out of Cardboard - Happy Hooligans
Make a Gingerbread Village - Crafts by Amanda
Design your very own life sized Gingerbread House - Mrs Goffs Kinders

Have a wonderful Christmas and if you have any other traditions your family enjoy doing leave us a comment on the end of this post or head on over to our social media channels to get in touch here: 

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