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Disney Frozen on Ice

When I was a little girl I was lucky enough to be taken to Florida. Not just once but three times! It was over the course of a good few years but each time I went I experienced more and more magic. Memories that will last with me a lifetime! I can't wait to take my children too and relive the magic with them!

I am a huge fan of Disney and I think no matter how old I get - I will always have a place in my heart for the magic it brings! It takes me back to my childhood. Being completely captured by the beautiful Princesses. Role playing with my friends, acting out parts of the films we loved and dressing up!!

Frozen hit our screens in December 2013 and took the world by storm! Everyone knows the famous songs and the tale of true love is very heart warming! It reminds us how important family is. It highlights the bonds between siblings and I loved Frozen for that!

I was overjoyed when I heard about Frozen on Ice coming to Birmingham arena! I began to imagine how they would possibly go about recreating such a successful film. With it being Disney you just knew it was going to be special!

I have 3 HUGE Frozen fans - 5 actually if you include me and Daddy so it was a given we needed to see and experience this show!!

While Daddy was paying for the ticket on the car park me and the girls (who were dressed up in their sparkly Elsa gowns) sang 'Let it go' at the top of our lungs. It echoed around the car park. The girls giggled with excitement and twirled around in their sparkly blue dressed.

The hustle and bustle around us of other children and families dressed up and egar to see the show was all part of the experience for me! It was great!

It was an experience in itself for the girls entering the arena! The stage was lit, the ice glowing. Three little Elsa's made their way to their seats and looked around in amazement at the size of the place!

From start to finish flashing lights held by children and adults filled the audience giving it a magical ambience!!

The show got underway and we were spoiled with all the main Disney Princess and their Princes gracing the ice in their sparkly gowns. The girls were amazed!! There was a roar when Woody, Buzz, Timon and Pumbaa entered! Pumba was my favourite and I loved when he jumped up in the air! So funny!! I wish I could have seen him do it over and over!!

Micky, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy were all part of the shows opening too! It was a very energetic opening full of dancing and upbeat music.

Once the tale of Frozen began the girls were fixated in a trace. In front of them the tale of Arendelle unfolded.

The attention to detail was outstanding. Everyone was singing at the tops of the lungs to the songs!! Even the Daddies!! The glitter in Elsa's dress sparkled bright!

The scene where the wolves run after Kristoff's sleigh is still puzzling me today. The sleigh Kristoff and Anna ride around the ice  on, suddenly crumbled down into lots of piece!! How they go about doing that is impressive!!

Olaf hit the stage half way through the show and what a celebrity he is!! Everyone screamed when they saw him!!

The trolls costumes were excellent and their 'Fixer Uper' song was full of energy and colour! I loved this part!

Throughout the show 'snow foam' poured onto the ice. This was really effective!! I secretly wanted to run out onto the stage and dance around in it!!

Fireworks erupted at key parts throughout the shows. The girls loved them!!

Whenever I go anywhere I am a photo taker!! My phone holds over 10 thousands pictures at the moment. I like to capture anything and everything. It's all part of the fun for me to have lots of pictures and I LOVED how Disney encouraged you to take photos of the show!!

I have been to so many performances where the minute you take your phone out of your pocket to check the time you have a member of staff running your way to remind you not to use your phone!! Really irritates me that does. So being able to freely take photos and videos was great!! I got to capture the girls buzzing with excitement!!

Overall this show was one of my favourites. It is a must see for all the family. Oh and if you have tickets for the show remember to take your Princess gowns!!

If you are looking for some fabulous Frozen Inspired arts, crafts and play ideas, here is a handful you and your family may enjoy:

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Disclosure - We were invited by Disney to review the show and received tickets to do so.
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1 comment:

  1. We haven't been to see Frozen - or anything else on ice yet for that matter but this looks truly magical and something that is very much on our to do list!


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