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Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play

Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play. Loose Parts Play.

I am always busy searching through sites such as Etsy, Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. From house design, to party planning and of course how to have more fun playing!!
I love to encourage Imaginative Play where possible. I spend longer looking through ideas than I probably realise. Yet it brings a positive impact to my little family as I am able to provide stimulating activities for them.

I have shared a post previously on Loose Parts Play and I still love all the colours and resources used there to this day!
It was on a bedtime search through Instagram where I came across a beautiful page, full of wonderful ideas that really captivated me.
It is a pleasure to welcome Tiny Creations today.....

Hey, I am Emma and I am the owner of Tiny Creations. I have enjoyed spending many years in the childcare industry. I loved running my own successful child minding business.
I quickly realised there simply wasn't enough hours in the day! I had so many ideas but little time to create well thought out resources.

Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play. Loose Parts Play.

I needed resources that kept up with the ever growing and changing imaginations of our little thinkers. I spent hours looking through Pinterest and Etsy yet I struggled to find a provider that was not only within my price range, but that also could customise to meet my needs.

This has prompted me to make a change. I aim to offer affordable resources that will inspire and capture young minds. Not only to childcare settings but parents and families too! I want to take the strain out of parents, childcare providers and school teachers daily lives making resources at home. Let me do that for you while you spend time with your families!

I've always been a massive fan of loose parts play!
Over the years I have seen so much progress in children's development by simply exploring and tinkering with loose parts!

What is Loose Parts Play?

Loose Parts Play is quite simply a collection of items used together to encourage children to make, create and experiment. The items can be moved around, put together, organised, lined up etc. There are endless possibilities as the activities are set up with no direction.

Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play. Loose Parts Play.

I home educate my 6 year old daughter and we use loose parts A LOT! I have so many items that are accessible at any given time. My daughter near enough always uses them in her play and will independently select her materials as and when she wants them. I keep a close eye on what she enjoys playing with and I work at developing the materials we have from what I observe.

Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play. Loose Parts Play.

We love Autumn! We get busy on Nature Hunts collecting materials that we use in our Loose Parts Play! All year round acorns, pine cones and conkers make fabulous additions to our play set ups! They are great for patterns, counting, making shapes - you name it!

Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play. Loose Parts Play.

I regularly set up provocations for her to explore and develop her ideas! When you take a step back and allow children to make choices it really does open your eyes. Learning through Play is endless, and it really does go beyond Early Years! Loose Parts Play is a major part of her learning from Maths, to Literacy to Imaginative Play!

Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play. Loose Parts Play.

Recently we have set up story scenarios. They have been such fun and a great way to encourage story telling with more description.
She had a collection of items that she spent some time putting together. She was fully engaged and was given the opportunity to take pictures of her set up scenes. She then used her photos to write a story. She loves being able to take charge of her learning.
I love being able to follow her lead and use the resources we have available to keep moving forward with her interests.

Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play. Loose Parts Play.

A close friend of mine, Kirsty has bought resources from my shop and uses them a lot at home with her 2 year old, Eden. Kirsty simply has these resources on offer and lets her daughters imagination take lead.
Eden has created, explored and developed her imagination and is always setting up small world scenes with her peg dolls, chalk board blocks, loose parts.

Kirsty is always really taken back by how long Eden plays with these items compared to her usual toys. She also loves how varied her play is each and every time!

Having used lots of these resources within my own setting and with my child at home, I know just how successful they can be. I am focusing on creating natural and stimulating resources which are hand made to order. Nothing is too much trouble! A simple message for anything you want customised in my store is doable.

Open Ended Resources for Imaginative Play. Loose Parts Play.

Thank you so much for joining us today Emma!!
It has been a pleasure to have you and I have loved looking through your images!!
I am honestly spoiled for choice when looking through Tiny Creations Etsy Page but my favourite has to be The Gruffalo Story Stone Set - all beautifully hand painted!!

You can see Emma's beautiful creations over on Instagram and you can buy them on her Etsy shop.

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