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Kindness Elves Review and Heart Wreath Craft

The Kindness Elves Review - Heart Wreath Craft for Kids

We are loving the heart theme at the moment and can't get enough of them! Today we bring another lovely craft that is suitable for even the youngest of children. Not only is it a beautiful craft - it links in perfectly with The Story of the Kindness Elves.

Get the craft stash out, cut up your heart wreath shapes and let the children loose with the glue. I love crafts where children can just make and create as they please. No direction, no adult interference - just being given the opportunity to make something completely independently...... because lets face it - this is when children get the most out of activities.

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The Kindness Elves Review - Heart Wreath Craft for Kids

As I just mentioned this craft ties in beautifully with The Story of the Kindness Elves. I have been so excited about the launch of this book and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

My daughter who is 4 years old is ever so thoughtful and loves going out of her way to make people smile. It's a quality I hope never fades in her as she is so considerate - she makes me very proud indeed. I knew as soon as I heard of The Kindness Elves she would be over the moon at the challenges that would land her way, so it was a must to introduce them to her.

I ordered a set of Kindness Elves. They came in a beautiful house shaped carry case. The attention to detail - perfect to ignite imagination and magic in children! I hid them, as I wanted to wait for the book to arrive.

The book landed and we set about reading it straight away!

The Kindness Elves Review - Heart Wreath Craft for Kids

The book begins with a magical idea that the Kindness Elves are living in the clouds above, looking down to earth through their telescopes. Always busy concocting potions to spread love and kindness to the world below!
They work together to paint rainbows of vivid colours - each colour representing a quality for a good, caring heart -

Compassion, Kindness, Love, Joy, Peace, Gentleness & Patience

The journey starts with the Elves finding people who are feeling very sad, lonely and unsure. Due to their tiny size, the Elves are not able to help these people directly so they devise a plan. Sparkle and Pop head off on an adventure to find two special children who can help the Elves spread Kindness to the people who need it most.
Through Acts of Kindness the children chosen by the Elves help make people feel much better!

The whimsical illustrations add such warmth and love to the story. Although it has a magical feel, it is also very real - giving scenarios children often see. It helps children to see how their actions can effect other people and encourages them to do good.
The book finishes by saying if Kindness Elves land in your home - it must be because you have a kind and caring heart.

It was the PERFECT way to introduce the Elves.

We are a family who enjoy Elf on the Shelf antics over Christmas. We all have such fun with it and kinda miss it when the antics stop as he ventures back to The North Pole (which reminds me actually I must remove him from the top of my fridge). You are no doubt wondering what on earth he is doing upon my fridge.....I did an epic fail and left him out the day after I had plugged to my daughter he was going back to see Santa. I grabbed him quick and threw him up onto the fridge so she didn't spot him - phew!

What I adore about the Kindness Elves is it's a great way to spread Kindness throughout the year! They leave notes and challenges for your children and you can document all the wonderful things you do as part of your challenges.
The story helps children to identify that sometimes we need to open our eyes and see that child who is alone at playtime, to see that elderly neighbour who is lonely and go out of our way to be there to help.

If you are a follower of our blog, you have no doubt seen some of our other lovely heart themed crafts we have been doing:

If you haven't seen them be sure to check them out.

Heart Wreath Craft for Kids

To make a Heart Wreath you will need:
Craft supplies - tissue paper, sequins, glitter, pom poms paint even
A cardboard heart shaped wreath

We have just recently treated ourselves to a new bed. We had the other one several years so it's been a welcomed change! We've had a bigger bed now too so I had to buy all new bedding. Me and my other half had a few words over the packaging as he went to throw it out in the recycle bin.... I actually shouted after him - 'how dare you!' HA! That cardboard has potential you know Mr D! It is courtesy of this cardboard that we made these wreaths today! I drew around a large cookie cutter I brought from Sainsburys a few years ago! It was reduced after Valentines Day and it has come in handy so many times with our crafting.

Heart Wreath Craft for Kids

I started cutting around the heart shape leaving around an inch and a half between the heart I had drawn and what would be the edge of the wreath. I then cut around the stencil I drew to create the centre of the cardboard wreath.

I simply set it out the night before on my daughters table with some crafty bits for my daughter to come down in the morning to do if she wanted after her breakfast. 

As soon as that fruit and weetabix went she was at the table and away she went.

Heart Wreath Craft for Kids

They are a great craft to make for Valentines Day, Mothers Day or just because.
We personally used the colours of the rainbow mentioned in The Story of the Kindness Elves. Just to remind us that each one represents a quality, and these qualities help us to bring love and understanding to others.

Heart Wreath Craft for Kids

If you have a go at making some I would love to see your photos too!!

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We purchased The Kindness Elves set and was sent the book to review.
Learning Through Play
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