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Farm Activities for Preschool

Farm Activities for Preschool

With Spring on the horizon your setting may be thinking about covering a Farm Topic. It's actually a GREAT time to cover the farm as lots of baby animals are arriving. With the topic on the cards you may also be looking for some great children's stories to accompany your set ups, or simply for more inspiration on activities you can do in your setting. Today we are sharing a beautiful Farm Tuff Tray linking to the delightful stories of Farmer Duck and Oliver's Vegetables and a rather impressive Role Play area.

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Farmer Duck (UK/US) is an award winning book by author Martin Waddell who also created Owl Babies. Illustrations by Helen Oxenbury who also did We're Going on a Bear Hunt!
The Duck is extremely hard working but he lives with a very lazy farmer. Poor Duck does all the caring for the animals, looks after the fields, does all the cooking and cleaning until one day the animals come up with a master plan.

Oliver's Vegetables (UK/US) - Oliver is a young boy who only eats french fries! He visits his Grandparents and finds their Vegetable Patch. Throughout this charming story you see Oliver trying new foods which he enjoys. It is not only a great addition to the farm topic but also as part of sustainability and healthy eating discussions.

Today we have a lovely follower of Learning and Exploring Through Play joining us from her school in the UK. They have introduced a farm topic in their setting and have got really creative with their Tuff Tray and Role Play area to help bring the Farm into the classroom. 
They have been enjoying the stories mentioned above and used them to inspire their activity set ups. 

Their wonderful Tuff Tray looked a little something like this:

Farm Activities for Preschool

We used soil for half of the tray. We scattered some vegetables one side, grew some cress the other with some cows grazing. We used artificial grass along with cornflakes and weetabix to represent to hay and bales.We used dried corn to make the pathways and blue water beads for the pond!
We used various figures from our classroom - it all came together really nicely!!

The children helped up grow the cress and carefully added water. They loved watching it grow!

Farm Activities for Preschool

In addition to the Tuff Tray we have also made some adjustments to our Role Play area! We converted it into a Farm and Farm shop!

Farm Activities for Preschool

Farm Activities for Preschool

As you can see we had a mixture of real fruit and vegetables and some plastic food. We had baskets for the children to do their shopping and lots of cards labelling the food and how much it cost.

Farm Activities for Preschool

Children have been singing Five Little Ducks and Once I Caught a Fish Alive to go along with our bright and colourful display!

Farm Activities for Preschool

We had signs children may come across when out in the countryside and we sat together and spoke about them so children had an understanding of their new area.

It has been wonderful watching the children get so much enjoyment! With lots to see, do and explore - we have observed some wonderful play going on. 
Children have been counting, singing Nursery Rhymes, drawing and painting animals at the mark making station. They have worked together to operate the shop, so friendships have been forming. 

It was a great success on introduction and I am looking forward to seeing how the children enjoy these set ups over the coming weeks. 

Looking for some more Farm related activities for Preschool? We have another excellent post including make your own milk a cow and shave a sheep - Farm Topic for Early Years.

A big thank you to sour follower for joining us today! It has been wonderful to see the opportunities you have made available to your children this half term and it links in perfectly with our National Reading Month Challenge. 

As mentioned above we are running a National Reading Month Challenge for the entire month of March. Each day we have a fabulous children's book coming your way and showing you how you can use it to inspire activity and craft set ups for the children.

Bringing books to life for children is magic for their imaginations. 
You can see the rest of the activities and crafts on our landing page:

There really are so FANTASTIC ideas, with lots of brilliant children's books covered!

Farm Activities for Preschool

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