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The Rainbow Fish Activities

The Rainbow Fish Activities for Preschool. National Reading Month.

The children at Lodge Cottage Nursery, Norfolk have been very busy, enjoying a whole week of activities inspired by The Rainbow Fish. From Painting to Playdough to Water Play and collages - there are lots of great ideas here that bring alive The Rainbow Fish in their Early Years setting.

Lodge Cottage Nursery is a beautiful setting that has been open since 1987! The Nursery comprises of two cottages that have been converted and offers a wonderful outdoor space for the children. Within the Nursery there are well thought out areas that children openly have access to. 

It has a great team of professionals who have an excellent understanding of how children learn and develop. They have been rated Outstanding by Ofsted in their recent (2015) inspection. Part of their report reads "Children's love of books and outdoor learning is superbly promoted. They sit under a tree, reading books they have chosen with an adult, who encourages their curiosity and conversation, helping them to learn from each book they share." 

So it is a great pleasure to have them joining us today as part of our National Reading Month challenge. The book they selected was The Rainbow Fish. 

The Rainbow Fish is one of my personal favourites. It emphasises the importance of sharing and how good it feels to be kind and giving. When the Rainbow Fish, the most beautiful fish in the sea - doesn't share he feels sad and lonely. He starts to lose his friends. Yet it turns around when he decides to start sharing, he makes friends again and he doesn't feel lonely anymore.

The Rainbow Fish Activities for Preschool. National Reading Month.

They used stencils to draw outlines of a fish and added colourful paints to pots. Using celery sticks they printed the scales on the fishes. I love how the children drew bubbles around their fishes too!
I must remember this activity. It is wonderfully suitable for the early years in particular!

You could also look at cutting the fishes out and hanging them with string as part of a display area, or laminate and stick around your Water Tray!

The Rainbow Fish Activities for Preschool. National Reading Month.

They enjoyed Rainbow Fish collages with cellophane and shiny silver paper! Children had a go at drawing the fish outlines using stencils! Didn't they do a great job?

The Rainbow Fish Activities for Preschool. National Reading Month.

They offered a playdough activity to the children as part of The Rainbow Fish week. They had cutters that were different sizes - a great opportunity to use Mathematical language. they used coloured buttons to imitate the scales and shiny silver paper.
The activity was set up alongside the book and the fish cutters however some children decided to do their own thing. Sinking the buttons into the playdough and watching it ooze up through the tiny holes seemed to be rather mesmerising to some of them!

The Rainbow Fish Activities for Preschool. National Reading Month.

It wouldn't be Rainbow Fish week without some water play!! Plastic Fishes, fishing nets and utensils, submerged into shimmery glittered water!!

The Rainbow Fish Activities for Preschool. National Reading Month.

I would like to give a great big thank you to the team at Lodge Cottage Nursery, in particular Laura Kerrison! It is great to have you following us and has been brilliant working with you!! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing in your setting!! 

National Reading Month hosted by Learning and Exploring Through Play

As mentioned above we are running a National Reading Month for the entire month of March. Each day we have a fabulous childrens book coming your way and showing you how you can use it to inspire activity and craft set ups for the children.

Bringing books to life for children is magic for their imaginations. 
You can see the rest of the activities and crafts on our landing page:

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