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LEGO The Snow Resort Chalet

I have fond memories playing with Lego as a child. I can still remember the structures I sat building with my Dad and the imagination that flowed afterwards. Lego is a fantastic tool for creativity, problem solving, following step by step instructions and critical thinking. Its a brand that has been around for years. 

Founded in 1932 LEGO has been past down through the generations. The name LEGO derived from two Danish Words - "leg godt" meaning Play Well.

Today I am sharing with you a recently launched Lego product The Snow Resort Chalet (LEGO® model number: 41323), which is available to buy from Tesco Direct. I haven't explored any of Lego's products since I was a child. My children really enjoy playing with the Lego I had as a child and it still looks brand new, although it has been played with lots and is 30 years old!

Last year we went to a ski resort (The Alps Mont Blanc). My daughter thoroughly loved the experience of visiting this beautiful country and this particular Lego set really triggered her memory which was a lovely experience. It showed me that she had really embraced and taken on our trip.

The box was bursting with colourful pictures that had already began getting her creativity flowing. It was a real step back for me as it is a product I wouldn't have thought would have captivated her like it has! As soon as the box landed she was unable to contain her excitement and insisted to open it straight away. I did feel a little apprehensive at the thought of constructing this product as it did seem rather complex. I opened the box and I was thrilled with the set up. 

The set came contained in 4 separate bags and the booklet inside the box gave very clear step by step instructions. This particular set is aimed at children 7-12 years however I sat with my 4 year old and together we spent quality time following the instructions, finding the pieces we needed and helping one another build the structures. It was actually some really positive one to one time for us as we sat in the garden working together. I could see the boost in confidence and self esteem it was giving her as she was able to find the correct pieces and carefully construct these models.

The full colour booklets gives simple step by step instructions and clearly shows which pieces you need using a key at the top of the page. It was actually rather enjoyable and satisfying following he instructions. I didn't feel overwhelmed at all, and with support - neither did my daughter. 
After years of struggling to build furniture and facing issues with parts missing I was expecting to have the same dilemmas with this Lego kit, however I was pleasantly suprized. Not only were all the pieces present, there were numerous spare parts too!

Part one saw the construction of the characters Andrea and Amy. It saw us accessorises the adorable puppy husky and build the ski storage and snowmobile. I love how the snowmobile twists and turns! The camera feature on the front is pretty cool too! The ski's on the front of the snowmobile also move up and down as it ploughs through the fluffy snow!

Part two began the chalet. It quickly became very apparent at the attention to detail this set had. Items that really made the little areas come alive were all there. There was a fabulous outdoor hot tub area complete with 'buttons for the music and bubbles' of course. Flowers decorated the outside and not forgetting the steps up to the bubbly relaxation spot!

Part three saw the upstairs come together. I adore the details throughout the inside including the burning fire complete with logs! The tall chimney that climbs through the structure and though the top, the kitchen area complete with drinks, cheese and croissants! The bedroom boasts two beds, a chest of draws complete with perfume, mobile phone, vase of flowers and not forgetting the lipsticks tucked inside the draw! 

The opening roof that came together in Part 4 has been a feature loved by my daughter! She has enjoyed opening the roof to play with the rooms upstairs and has used the roof as an umbrella to protect Amy and Andrea from a snow storm while they relaxed in the outdoor hot tub! 

This is an excellent product, with fabulous attention to detail! It quickly captivates the imagination and it has been wonderful watching and listening to the creativity and small world play that has been going on since we built it.

Not only has this product brought together some one to one time that me and my daughter shared. It has also exposed her to following step by step instructions and using pictures to piece together and create a structure. She has spent time recognising numbers and counting out quantity and problem solving when blocks weren't quite in the correct spot. 

As for the chalet itself - from lipsticks that sit in the draw upstairs, to the glowing fire and bubbling hot tub - this product really does bring to life a stay in a snow resort Chalet for children.

You can see more on this product over on Tesco Direct

Image Map

We received a Snow Resort Chalet to share with you our thoughts on this product. 
All opinions are 100% our own.

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