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Outdoor Mark Making Kit

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

I am a big believer in offering as many opportunities to create and experiment for children as possible, particularly where mark making is concerned. 
Exposing children to a wide range of materials and tools to mark make with is such a valuable stepping stone to writing. Not only is it great for writing it gets children moving, having fun, creating and imagining. The benefits are big, so the more we can offer the better.

Within the Early Years we are responsible for working with the children's interests. Observing what children enjoy and offering more opportunities to encourage and develop their learning.
Close your eyes and imagine the Creative Area in your classroom (or your home setting). What resources do you offer? What medias do you allow the children to experiment with?
It is important to offer variety to children who are drawn to the Creative Area but to also entice other children to give the Creative Station a try. You will find that different materials and resources will excite certain children so finding that connection if very important for success.

We have been sharing activity ideas for over 3 years now so you have no doubt seen lots of our mark making ventures. Today I would love to share with you an Outdoor Mark Making Kit with a difference from Early Years Resources. 

I am always buying materials/tools for the children. I buy so many things here and there yet when I stop and think about it the cost quickly adds up. This kit being sold on Early Years Resources is not only excellent value for money but it also offers tools with a difference. 

Lets take a closer look at what this kit includes:

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

Jumbo rollers, with fabulous indentations to create and explore patterns. I love that there is a large handle - encouraging children to use their whole hand to move the rollers across the paper.
The rollers are great quality with thick plastic handles. It would take some serious force to break them making these perfect for even the youngest of children.
The size of them means mark making will take place outside of the children's immediate eye line too. They will need to reach up above, down below and out towards the sides. This would give the opportunity to explore hands on Mathematical language!

I love the idea of using these on a vertical canvas. This activity would encourage gross motor movements perfectly - developing strength and flexibility in their muscles and joints.

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

Squeezy Bottles! I am so excited about these bottles and have been meaning to purchase some for a long time! I have struggled to locate bottles that are see through and have a large enough capacity to hold enough inside.

The pack contains 6 bottles. You could use them at the water table and give children the opportunity to explore filling and emptying - as well as experimenting with the flow of water. Why not add the dolls to the water table and use them as a resource to help wash the babies. I'm sure they would aid some wonderful imaginative play. Children may even go from this to squirting their bottles on the floor, exploring mark making with water.

You could also add coloured salts to create Rangoli patterns for Diwali, make Mandalas, add coloured gloop OR paint to squirt (give the paint a go on foil! Its an excellent canvas to paint on!)

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

I love out of the ordinary items that you don't just find anywhere. These large hand held textured printers are a pretty impressive resource! My 1 year old twins have enjoyed exploring the textures and patterns of the surface before we started using them outside!

They have been such a hit with the children too! Sink them into trays of colour paint and encourage a collaborative art activity!

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

Just so you can appreciate how large these printers are this is my hand through the handle. Again they are very sturdy and the handle is securely attached and built for lots of use!

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

Brushes Gallore! You can never own too many brushes! This set includes a range of bristled and foam brushes, in different widths. Use them for painting, in sand trays to practise writing/spelling and mark making.

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

The set includes 12 droppers. I really like how the measurements of liquid are indented on these! My 4 year old has been exploring the quantity of liquid shes been squeezing into her dropper and has enjoyed that the measurements are in fluid oz's as she has heard me mention this many times over the last few months with the twins drinking their bottles.

Use your droppers to explore colour mixing or as part of an ice and water melting experiment. You could also use them in some marbled painting on shaving cream.

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

A set of 6 extra large sprayers. These are really sturdy, again I love that they are completely transparent and they are perfectly operational for even the smallest hands! My 4 year old can spray them with ease!

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

This set comes in a secure Gratnell storage container too! Easy to transport and somewhere you can store all your items! Its really important to store resources effectively. Not only to prolong their life but to make sure they are all kept together. Order helps.

I love that you could literally pull this box outside at any given time, have a range of canvas available and allow the children to self select and create! Its perfect for outdoor explorers! It welcomes messy arty investigations and the chance to experiment and discover.

You can see more on this set and other fabulous resources at Early Years Resources.

Outdoor Mark Making Kit

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We received an Outdoor Mark Making Kit from Early Years Resources to share our thoughts with you in a review.
Learning Through Play
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  1. This looks like a great kit, I love mark making outdoors (less mess!!!)


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