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Unusual Gifts for all the Family

When I have a loved ones Birthday coming up, I love to think outside the box and buy items that are not the obvious thing to buy. I like products that are quirky, fun, different and practical. So I must admit I did spend a considerable amount of time looking on Uncommon Goods. This is why I really love my bedtime browsing sessions. After the super busy days, this is MY time of day, where I get to zone out a little and do something for me. 

It's often at this time I discover some pretty fabulous things. From products, to people to follow on social media and websites.

Today I want to share with you a list of 9 fabulous out of the ordinary products:

Unusual Gifts for all the Family

Created by Britta Ambauen from Texas, this beautiful locket is enclosed by tree branches on the front and encased are a set of gem stones that link to your loved ones Birth dates. Inside the locket the quote 'from deepest roots, tallest branches grow'. This would make a wonderful gift for a person who holds their family very dear. With almost 100 reviews you, why not come and read all the lovely feedback relating to this item and read about all the happy receivers!

Made by Heather and Myles Geyman, both artists from Pennsylvania. They have a passion for creating products that are beautiful and functional. 
This vase is exactly that and is a great space saver too! So if you know someone who enjoys the pretty things in life, someone who perhaps enjoys cuttings from the garden, fresh flowers through out the year - then why not treat them to a lovely vase to add to their home.

Selling out like hot cakes, this is a creation by John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen that is all about love from the early days of creation to when it lands in your home. 
Keep a lamp at home and gift the other to a friend or relative. Through wifi you connect your lamps with one another - no matter how far the distance. A simple touch omits a colour to your loved one to let them know you are thinking of them. What a lovely way to show someone they are in your thoughts!

Unusual Gifts for all the Family

We can never record or document too much about the ones we love the most. These books  are well organised and have a brilliant range of questions you may not think to ask. Not only are they lots of fun to fill in together, they can be past down through the generations so they can get a good feel and knowledge of who their Grandparents were and what they achieved in life.

I find it quite difficult at times to buy for the Men in my life so their Gifts for Men section was fun to look around.

Weaning can be so much fun! Exploring new food, tastes and textures is very exciting for little ones. It can be a super messy time too with parents worried that their children aren't quite getting all the food and nutrients they should be getting because too much is ending up on the floor. 
These bowls have a suction cap on the bottom which sticks to the table preventing spills. A great parenting hack!

If you have a Baby Shower coming up there are a fabulous range of gifts to browse.

The Gym is a big part of many peoples lives these days. Often the 4 items that accompany people whilst at the gym are their keys, a drink and some money/bank cards their mobile phone. This clever water bottle holds your mobile phone, notes and credit cards within the bottle. Keeping your items together and with a headphone port accessible on the bottom you can still enjoy listening to your music whilst you work out!

Unusual Gifts for all the Family

Children will love the opportunity to colour their very own pillow cases! Whilst exploring the world children will enjoy learning the names for different countries, what different countries are famous for (landmarks/animals) and also their shape and position on the globe! The pens are washable and once the pillowcase has been washed there will once again be a fresh canvas to get creative onto. 

Very popular with a very impressive review count! Created by husband and wife inspired by their son who loved playing with his construction toys. This plate set (with utensils available to purchase also) is a great way to encourage healthy eating that is fun and engaging!

Did you know that each month of the year has its very own flower assigned to it? These beautiful keepsakes make the perfect Birthday gift! Created by Shari Dixon from Tennessee, her work often incorporated flowers and leaves, making her work timeless. 

I could honestly keep going and going! I could have done a post alone on Personalised Wedding Gifts. Not only does this website sell thousands, upon thousands of unique items.... I love how you get to read about the people behind the product. I have spent hours discovering products that I love and then being drawn in to reading about the makers and creators. There are often links to their blogs and subsequently social media channels so you can follow along to see what other products become available.

I have read about families developing items together, people supporting charities and recruiting people in rehabilitation programmes, artists that are inspired by nature and travelling. Its been very fascinating to see how different people become inspired and how they move forward with their dreams. This was exactly why this website was created. To share with people not only a fantastic set of items to purchase but to make it much more personal and be able to find out about the people behind the product.

If you are someone who is passionate about sustainability you will be pleased to know this is all part of this brands ethos and a plus that they donate to non-profit organisations as part of your orders.

So if you are looking for something fun and unique to gift or treat yourself to, this is the place to look at - with delivery available world wide.

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We were delighted to work with Uncommon Goods and share with you the fabulous range of products that are available to buy.
Learning Through Play
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