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Cling Film Process Art

Cling Film Process Art

If you follow us over on Instagram you will know we are always out and about, doing something together as a family. If we're not out and about we are crafting and getting messy. I'm finding things rather overwhelming at the moment as the twins are more mischievous than ever so I want to start introducing more crafts and activities to hopefully keep them more occupied. 
They just seem to be into everything right now that they shouldn't be and its leaving me ready for bed by dinner time! 

I find their attention span is very short still so this Cling Film Process Art was perfect for a quick and easy activity, with no mess but a fabulous sensory experience non the less. 

Cling Film Process Art

You will need:
A Tray
Cling Film

Tape your piece of card down onto the tray and squirt dollops of paint. You can get a good idea from mine how much paint to add, although I could have added another couple of blobs without a problem. 
Drape over the cling film and stick in place. I used masking tape as its not too sticky but does the job. I didn't need to spend an age trying to find the edges and scraping with my nails to get the tape off like I would with normal sellotape. 

That's it - you're good to go. Minimal materials and doesn't take too much time to prepare either. 

Cling Film Process Art

As I walked into the living room with the tray, Reuben was sitting on the rug pulling his socks off which in turn pulled his trousers down a bit too. I turn them up at the bottom and he refused to let me readjust them again. So they tray went down and I just left the twins to get on with it as they wanted. 

Cling Film Process Art

The tray got thrown around a couple of times first before he climbed on with his feet. Stamping around. Although the cling film is in the way there is still a fabulous sensation given as you feel the cold paint squelching and spreading around underneath. 

At this point I don't even thing Reuben realised the marks he was making. He was just happy to be standing on a tray! Once he looked down and started to take a bit more notice - he started to use his hands. 

Cling Film Process Art

There was lots of babbling and super busy hands. I couldn't even get a shot of them as they were being swished around so quickly!

Lets take a took at this activity in action:
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When I share activities like this I often get questions coming my way about how I should be letting them touch the paint etc. We do lots of that too. But variety is the spice of life so they say and it is lovely to experiment with different techniques. 
That being said there are children out there who really struggle with messy activities. They don't like getting anything on their hands and activities like this give them the opportunity to mark make but without the stress and worry about getting their hands dirty. 

I like to make sure we bring a little something for everyone here. 

Some parents want to create but they don't want the mess which is fine too. I definitely didn't want two children covered in paint today as I had somewhere to be shortly after. You do with your children what works for you. 

Lets take a look at some other art techniques that you may wish to try with your children - 

Cling Film Process Art

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