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Disney Animal World Magazines

Disney Animal World Magazines

If you are a regular here or follow us on Instagram and Facebook you will know how much we love set ups that bring to life a child's interests. When teaching children something new, if you make the experience as real for them as possible where they can explore and investigate - like sponges they soak it all up. 

Today I want to share with you a release of Disney magazines. Disney Animal World comics are available now with the first edition just £1.99! The reason why I love them so much is that the books come with the most adorable figures that can be used as part of your play set ups to help extend learning! 

It is a joy for me to have a child who appreciates books. Unlike normal magazines this new set comes with a hard back. How many times do you purchase magazines keep them for so long before throwing away? Not this set. They are jam packed full of fabulous facts and stories and you can even get a case to store them all in.

Disney Animal World Magazines

The delivery arrived and all 3 of my children were so excited and couldn't wait to open the parcels. It was like Christmas as they excitedly tore away packaging and sat having some quiet time reading and flicking through the books that had arrived. 

Disney Animal World Magazines

With each issue you get a set of two figures/items. Sturdy with plenty of realistic detail. They help to bring the stories and facts alive. My daughter was over the moon to receive baby animals to go along with their parents. She paired them up and off she went into her creative mindset and her imaginative play unfolded.

There are a total of 30 hard back books to collect in the Animal World series, all complete with 32 pages. Every book has an animal of focus. The first issue is all about the Savannah in Africa and comes with Micky Mouse and Milo the Lion Cub. The first six issues can be seen above.

Disney Animal World Magazines

I often refer to my daughter as Matilda as she is forever with a book in her hand. At just 5 years old the knowledge she has is incredible. Yes she has a lot of real life experiences, but she also learns a lot from what she reads. She finds fact books like this fascinating! We often refer to the internet after reading books like this to watch videos of the animals in action.

The books are split into 6 sections:

Safari Adventure
This section sets the scene. A story unfolds about the animal the book is focused on. Beautiful, vibrant illustrations accompany the text. 
The speech is in bold and a different colour from the rest of the text. I have been teaching my daughter all about speech over the last few weeks and seeing it bold like this really helped us pick up the parts to use emphasis in our reading.

All About
Full of lots of interesting facts about the animal of focus, with lots of photographs. 

Animal Planet
Animal Planet looks at other two more animals in the Animal Kingdom. Photographs, Facts and little tasks fill the pages. My daughter loved the challenges to make noises like the animals mentioned. 

Nature Watch
Takes an area of the world or something special a set of animals can do such as flying. It shares lots of information that is accessible to the youngest of children about the different animals that live and thrive in different regions. 

Search and Find
A challenge unfolds and its time to test the observational skills! How quickly can you solve the puzzle?

Bedtime Story
A lovely ending to each book is a story from Daisy and Donald, who come together to read their nephews a bedtime story. 

Disney Animal World Magazines

There are lots of other great additions to the set that you receive by paying just a small premium. With various editions these gifts will be available. Just imagine their faces as these extras accompany their books and figures!

You can purchase the magazines from the shops OR subscribe to have them delivered to your door. You can read more about the Disney Animal World Subscriptions here - Disney Animal World. Once you sign up, every 4 weeks you will received a collection of 4 books from the series, complete with figures.  

I am so excited that I have been given the opportunity to give one of my followers the chance to win this collection. See below for details:

Win a Disney Animal World Collection!

Overall I feel this is a fabulous set. I love the additional items and the figures that come along with the stories. The sets were very well received by the children and they have stood the test of time as 6 weeks on they are still enjoying reading the stories and using the animal figures in their play. Neve in particular has really taken on board lots of facts from the stories and has even gone on to teach me a thing or two! 

I love how unlike normal magazines this is a hard back book set that is perfect to store and collect. Books can be kept and accessed many times. 

Image Map

We were sent a collection of Disney Animal World Magazines to Review for this post.
All opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with Disney so links shared are purely for reference.

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