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Preschool Clock

Children telling the time. Preschool Clock.

Hasn't the weather been beautiful? It's been a real busy few weeks here. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to half term next week. Today I am here to share with you a lovely product by Preschool Collection that I think you will really love. 

After several years of working in mainstream education I have been so blessed to work with some amazing children. Their minds, their way of thinking has been a pleasure to uncover. They have taught me all I know. I've learnt to see their imagination and embrace it. I have learnt all about triggers different children have and ways I can work with them to alleviate their stress and frustration. I have learnt the art of adapting activities and experiences so all children can learn and have as much fun as possible. I could go on and on. 

My journey working with children has been such a fun and insightful one. Today I want to share with you a wonderful gadget that could really be of use in your homes an settings. 

Most children don't master being able to tell the time until they are between 7 and 8 years of age. Yet from the youngest of ages children ask questions that can be really hard to answer when they have no concept of time.

"When is it playtime?" 
"When is it dinner time?"
"What time are we going to Auntie Stacey's house?"
"When is my bed time?"

You see from little babies, children need routine and structure to their lives. But what do you do if you have a child asking these questions but they are too young to understand telling the time fully? 

Here is the answer - 

The Preschool Watch and clock have measurements of time that Preschoolers and Toddlers understand - colours and animals. As soon as your child is starting to recognise colours and animals you can start using the clock and watches! 

The colours that pan around the clock stand for hours and the animals stand for the minutes.

Children telling the time. Preschool Clock.

Think about in your classroom, or home - when you have two children who want to use the same bike or the computer, the clock can be used to help show them how much longer they need to wait until its their turn. 

Some children really struggle with 'in 10 minutes you can have a turn', with this clock that have something visual to keep an eye on.

This system is not about telling the time with animals and colours but its simply a stepping stone from Preschoolers and Toddlers to situate themselves in time and help them establish daily routines before they are capable to reading the time. 

I personally think it is a fantastic idea that will help some children avoid struggles. as you can share with them what to expect and when in a way they can digest. 
Lots of us use visual time tables that depict the order of our days. The Preschool clock would accompany these time tables so well. 

Perhaps you have a child with additional needs who really needs structure. The clock could help bring comfort and reassurance. 

Lets take a look at some examples:

Children telling the time. Preschool Clock.

'We're going to the park at 4.30pm' 
'We're going to the park when the small hand is on the pink and the big hand touches the frog'.

'It's bed time at 7pm' 
'It's bed time when the small hand is on grey and the big hand touches the rabbit.'

You can introduce the clock by starting with the big hand and the animals. Once your children understand which is the big hand and how to find the animals, introduce the small hand and colours. 

Children telling the time. Preschool Clock.

Coming with a 12 month warranty this clock has a 12 inch metal frame and a silent non ticking quartz movement. The animal icons glow in the dark!

But what happens once you child is ready to start learning how to read a clock using numbers? 
Stickers are included - 

Children telling the time. Preschool Clock.

Add stickers or additional pictures to help children really grasp their days/routine!

As I mentioned above - I have been very lucky to work with so many wonderful children over the years. I have had so many of them come to mind who would have really benefited from this lovely clock. 

Want to learn more about this clock? You can read and purchase you clocks from The Preschool Collection.

How old are your children? Do you think they could benefit from the Preschool Clock as a stepping stone to help them understand their routine?

I would love to hear from you! 

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We were asked to introduce the Preschool clock and watch to you on our blog. 
All thoughts and opinions are our own. 
Learning Through Play
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