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Britmums BiBs 2018 Finalist

Britmums BiBs 2018 Finalist

Last week we had some very exciting news. An email landed to notify me that I was a BRITMUMS 2018 FINALIST! I couldn't believe my eyes! Learning and Exploring Through Play was staring back at me from the finals list. Black and White! But what does that mean exactly?

It means that the work we do has been recognised and that in itself is a huge achievement! I feel like we have already won by getting this far!

VOTE FOR US LEARNING AND EXPLORING THROUGH PLAY IN THE SOCIAL CATEGORY HERE. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you <3.
I want to share with you my journey and how we got to where we are today:

Learning and Exploring Through Play was created around 5 years ago. I had worked in mainstream education for the previous 8 years. I had a lot of happy times there. I cared about the way children learned. I made it my mission to make a difference. I worked with children who needed a different approach to be able to grasp the teaching. A hands on learning style and it was always a pleasure to be able to offer this. I saw results. I saw children coming to school wanting to learn, excited to find out what we would be doing today. Children that had once lacked confidence in their learning were starting to believe in themselves. 

I had the pleasure of working with children of all ages. I really valued this as it gave me a great insight to the different year groups. Early Years in particular was a place I loved to be. Child led learning at its best. The creativity. The imagination and the fun! I took pride in planning for the children I had grown to learn so much about. I was part of a great team and this gave me the foundations for where I am today.

It was always on the cards once we started a family, that I would be a stay at home Mom. Me and James have been together since high school. It's funny how things work out, but we met at the same place my parents did over 20 years before. They are still very happy together today, which is just amazing. They play a huge role in our lives. We are very close and enjoy sharing lots of our time together. 

It was very difficult saying goodbye to the children. I thought about them often (and still do). I visited a few times during the course of their last years in school. Seeing their faces light up as I walked in was priceless. I will never forget the joy they brought to my heart.

Neve was our beautiful rainbow baby and being blessed with her changed everything. I now had a new focus. A new role to adapt to and a beautiful little human to give my all. I wanted to make the most of every moment and as she began to become more aware of her environment I started doing little activities with her. I was in my happy place. But she wouldn't remember all we did. So that is when the blog was born.

I wanted a place where I could share things we did together. A place where she could look back if she wanted to in years to come and see all the fun we had. A place where I too could visit and recall these precious years and that was the sole purpose I had back then. To keep an online diary of the years as they went by. But then one thing has led to another. Never in a million years back then would I have dreamt that we would be where we are today.

In 2016 our family grew. We welcomed two beautiful twin boys to our family. Reuben and Ethan.

Neve has embraced every moment with them and the bonds they have make me feel proud. Life is very busy at the moment. But we love family life. We love being together. We love seeing each other grow. Making memories and having fun. Me and James feel beyond blessed to have created this happy place.

They say you never have two children that are the same, but the twins couldn't be any different to Neve. Their different learning styles and personalities has been interesting for me and has given me another insight and understanding to parenting. It's not all plain sailing but together we have as much fun as we can. We embrace whatever comes away and whether its rain or shine - we have each other, always. 

Learning and Exploring Through Play has behind it a world wide community of people who are also passionate about providing the best for the children. People who understand how children learn best, people who want to understand play and its importance. People who want to give the children in their care a childhood to remember. A childhood that is full of opportunity. A place to grow and lay foundations to become successful lifelong learners. 

I can't tell you how much it means to me to connect with people all over the world, to learn from, to inspire and be inspired. You're the best and I feel incredibly lucky to be apart of this. I dedicate hours and hours each day to reaching out to people, to share, to learn, and most importantly to share a message - that children learn best through hands on learning. Learning that is real to them. Worksheets and whiteboards can not do this alone. We need to be giving children freedom, opportunity and a voice. Happy children creates happy learners.

Learning and Exploring Through Play

Each week on our Facebook Page that is currently up for nomination in these awards - we reach in excess of 12 million people week in, week out. It really is a dream come true. 
To be apart of a community who is just as passionate as you are is special. Really special. Together we raise the importance of play.

Learning and Exploring Through Play

In addition to the Facebook Page we also have the most wonderful group linked to the page with a community feel that supports parents and educators alike. Pulling people together and giving members a view and understanding from both angles in a non judgemental manner.

Not only do we share lots of ideas relating to the development of children though hands on learning. We also share our family life. 

I would like to thank Brit Mums from the bottom of my heart for recognising the work we do. 

But this isn't over. We need your help to vote for us in the final stage:

You now have the opportunity to vote for you winner in each category. We are nominated in the Social Category. The voting closes at 23.45 on Friday 21st September 2018!

The winners for the BiBs awards will be announce by @BritMums live on Twitter on Friday 12th October 2018 at 13.00 (UK Time).


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