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Mud Kitchen Review

Mud Kitchen Review Landscapes4Learning

Today I am sharing with you our very own Mud Kitchen! A very welcomed addition to our garden, my 3 children have been in their element creating, making and getting messy. 

I had the pleasure of working with the owners of Landscapes 4 Learning. A family run business based in Wales. A family who is fiercely passionate about children's learning and being able to provide quality learning resources for a variety of settings at a competitive price.

Mud Kitchen Learning and Exploring Through Play

The Mud Kitchen arrived late afternoon, just after the twins had woken up from their afternoon sleep. As soon as I had unwrapped the twins were intrigued. 'Boys will be boys' as the saying goes and they worked out they could remove the bowls and climb inside the 'bowl holes', which brought great amusement to me. As soon as Daddy arrived home from work we carried it outside.

Mud Kitchens are a fabulous addition to outdoor play all year round. We love Autumn and have already been on so many Autumn walks - collecting pine cones, conkers and acorns. They made the perfect 'ingredients'. We love creating opportunities to explore and create with Nature Treasures, for example by making Autumn Themed Tuff TraysAutumn Art and Autumn Light Boxes.

I will be in my element browsing the charity shops and buying lots of quirky additions to this kitchen over time. Lets take a closer look:

Mud Kitchen Review Landscapes4Learning

Our Mud Kitchen is called the Deluxe Dirt. It has a shelf which is perfect for stocking up the ingredients and potions. Attached to the shelf underneath is several hooks. The utensils that are offered with this kitchen for an additional fee of £25 are fabulous. Made of silicon they are brightly coloured and really compliment the set up. I particularly like that you could use them to check a child's knowledge of colour while they play, without sitting them down and asking them formally. 

The top of the kitchen comprises of two removable bowls and a painted 4 ring hob.

The bottom of the kitchen has an oven with a door that you can open and close via a latch. There is a shelf inside the oven perfect for cooking and baking the pies and cakes. Either side of the oven is open space perfect for popping inside a storage container to house your mud kitchen items. 

Mud Kitchen Review Landscapes4Learning

Initially I popped to Poundland to gather a few bits and bobs for our first few play sessions with the kitchen. I bought pans, spoons, muffin trays and a watering can (silly me for buying just one of these by the way, thinking the twins would happily share - whoops, I shall be venturing back to get another. In saying that they also enjoyed using shampoo/soap bottles full of water and bubbles). 

As I mentioned above, I shall continue to add to this set up to keep the children interested, and keen to explore more hands on messy imaginative play. I am looking forward to creating themes with the kitchen to go along with the different seasons and interests that unfold with the children over the coming months.

Mud Kitchen Review Landscapes4Learning

I kept a few items aside from the recycling to use. It was perfect for containing the ingredients. We had a quick walk around the garden and looked for some petals that had fallen onto the floor. Couple of pebbles, and then some nature items the children have been busy collecting while we have been out and about. 

Mud Kitchen Learning and Exploring Through Play

I have 3 lovely children - the twins are 2 and my beautiful girl is 5. They absolutely LOVED being able to play with mud! They explored hands on cause and effect of their actions. The boys had to work out how to release the utensils from the hooks, which initially took some perseverance.

They've worked out how to use the latch on the door and Neve in particular has loved having this feature to bring to life her imaginative play.

Mud Kitchen Learning and Exploring Through Play

It was great for me to observe language and to encourage new words with the twins. The bowls full of muddy soapy water and grass was irresistible to them.
They would take it in turns to venture up the garden and come running back with handfuls of leaves and grass. It was so amusing to watch them so determined and on relay of each other.

Mud Kitchen Learning and Exploring Through Play

I grabbed the almost empty shower gel bottle from the bath and filled it with water. This was a huge hit. It still had a little solution left inside which created bubbles in the mud. The boys were so intrigued by this and loved touching the bubbles and attempting to burst them with their fingertips.

One thing I personally loved was all 3 of my children were happily playing alongside one another. Sharing, taking turns (most of the time HA!) and they helped each other. Anything that brings them all together like this makes me really happy.

Mud Kitchen Learning and Exploring Through Play

Here is one of Neves deliciously muddy concoctions. She was creating her own names for the cakes and pies she was making. Next time I want to pop the chalk/whiteboards and paper outside so she could perhaps create her very own mud menu.

Mud Kitchen Learning and Exploring Through Play

Lets take a look at the Mud Kitchen in action:

Mud Kitchen Review Landscapes4Learning

I have always wanted a Mud Kitchen in the garden and now we have one I am super excited to watch many more muddy play sessions unfold.

Our kitchen is called Deluxe DirtWith several designs available there is something to suit everybody's needs and budgets. The wood is pressure treated tanalised wood which helps to prevent  rotting. The cuts are thick and solid meaning the kitchen will withstand even the most boisterous of children.

Edges are rounded off nicely and the structure itself is incredibly sturdy.

Mud Kitchen Review Landscapes4Learning

Craig Hill the designer and carpenter behind Landscapes 4 Learning is a father of 3 and has a background of teaching both Primary and Secondary School aged children.
Craig has seen first hand a child's desire to be outdoors. He strives to offer a range of products that encourage creativity, imagination, fun and learning.

Craig and his wife Gwellian who run the business are giving schools and other child based settings opportunities to develop their outdoor learning spaces by purchasing quality affordable products. Products that are robust, durable and ergonomically designed to withstand the elements that will go on to last for many years to come. 

If you are looking for products designed by a teacher, a parent, a carpenter. Products that children will be in their element playing with. Items that are affordable, sturdy and will last - Landscapes 4 Learning are the company to go to. With 5 star customer service, I can say with my hand on my heart that you will be thrilled to bits with your purchases. 

Here is to many more happy hours playing with mud. I would like to thank Landscapes for Learning for working with us and sending us a Mud Kitchen for us to enjoy and review. 

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