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Launch of the Vegetarian Happy Meal

Launch of the Vegetarian Happy Meal at McDonald's

I am back with my first post of 2019. I hope you had a great Christmas and lets hope 2019 is a great one! The New Year came with an invitation for us to venture to McDonald's. A brand new item was arriving and they wanted us to go and taste it and share our thoughts.

Launch of the Vegetarian Happy Meal at McDonald's

Off we went to our local McDonald's, on the launch day - 3rd January. I must say it was rather nice to actually visit the McDonald's restaurant as opposed to a Drive Thru pick up that we usually do. It's been a while since we ate in. Neve enjoyed using the touch screen order points and independently she ordered the food we wanted.

Our food was served and off we went to our table.

The new launch includes a Vegetarian Happy Meal and a Spicy Veggie Wrap.

Launch of the Vegetarian Happy Meal at McDonald's

The Vegetarian Happy Meal -209kcal comes complete with a veggie wrap. It is made of a red pesto goujon, shredded lettuce and tomato ketchup in a small toasted tortilla wrap. Neve got stuck in straight away and was over the moon with the taste and the new alternative to the Happy Meal Box.

When I asked her for her thoughts on the new wrap she said " It's explended". (A mix of the words excellent and splendid.) She sat and enjoyed the whole wrap and has said that she can't wait till we have another one so she can eat it again!

Another way I knew she had really enjoyed her food was how she continued to talk about it the next day when she had her cousin over to play. I heard her asking if he had tried the new McDonald's wrap in the Happy Meals yet. It made me smile.

Launch of the Vegetarian Happy Meal at McDonald's

The new vegetarian options were carefully created with real families working closely with McDonald's to select the final recipe. BritMums hosted a tasting session where bloggers and their children helped to select the final Happy Meal Wrap flavours.

McDonald's is always looking to improve their menu and this launch will be a welcomed addition to their meal choices.

Visiting the restaurant and using the machines we were able to see the full range of items available to order. With the Happy Meal we added a fruit bag (as an alternative to chips), and a bottle of milk. 

Launch of the Vegetarian Happy Meal at McDonald's

In addition to the New Happy Meal choice there is also a Spicy Veggie Wrap - (346kcal) option on the main menu too! Something that me and James really enjoyed tasting.

I was very pleasantly suprised. It was bursting with flavour and will probably be my choice of food when I visit there in the future. I felt full and satisfied. The spice was just right and I really like that there is a tasty alternative to eating meat.

Launch of the Vegetarian Happy Meal at McDonalds

The recipe for the Spicy Wrap includes two red peppers and Pesto Goujons, a generous dressing of Spicy Relish with Tomato, Lettuce and Red Onion all wrapped in a soft, toasted tortilla.

This launch is a really positive addition to the menu and I'm sure that lots of families will be over the moon not only with the meat free option but also - how tasty it is!

We are very pleased to have been asked to go along to taste the new options. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.
This post is part of a paid project with McDonald’s UK and BritMums, promoting McDonald’s Veggie Happy Meal and the new vegetarian menu items.

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  1. I was so pleased when I heard about this launch - more variety on the menu is such a good thing to see :)

  2. It's such a good addition to the menu, I think launching it in January too is a great idea especially when so many people are looking for alternatives!

  3. I agree it is a really positive thing for the menu to now have - I'm veggie but my kids aren't, though seeing more options gives them the choice :)

  4. I love the word explendid! I will have to use that more often. This sounds like a great addition to the McDonald's menu and I'm really excited about trying it with my kids!

  5. I agree it is nice to actually go into the place, I usually still pop in and use the touchscreens as having 9 different requests means its easier to customise, but then I usually dash off with our large order! The children loved the Veggie Wrap and the teen loved the Spicy Wrap, so it was a hit for us!


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