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Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

Today I want to share with you a company who make busy bags. Bags that are full of fun activities for children to help develop various areas of learning. They are compact, so suitable to carry around and can be used for an activity at home, eating out, visiting family - just about anywhere.

Children can have short attention spans. They are always seeking to learn, explore and make sense of whats around them. Whether you are looking for something to entertain your child, teach and develop specific skills or bring about a calm few minutes, these packs are a fantastic go to resource. 

With the hard work done for you, you can use them the minute they land through the door! 

Today I am sharing with you - Little Scribblers World.

The focus on each bag is very much learning through play. Children are able to absorb information as they experiment and engage with the activities included in each busy bag.

The packs have been designed so that they are compact enough to take out and about with you on holiday, to a restaurant, a doctor's waiting room and so on. Each pack comes with everything you need to complete each activity over and over again. All activities are reusable and made of quality materials that will last. This makes them great to use with individual children or have them as part of handy resource stock to pull out at any time in your classrooms.

We were sent several packs to give our honest review and feedback on them. Lets take a closer look at some of the packs we have been busy using at home:

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

Off The Chain
This one took quite a bit of concentration. Neve had never used these plastic chains before so needed to really focus to get her hands to do as she wanted. There was a real sense of achievement when she succeeded and over the course of the activity it became easier for her to do.

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

Together we looked at the patterns on the card and she set about continuing the pattern by linking the chains together. Not only was she busy looking at patterns and working hard to continue them, the activity helps to promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and cognitive ability. 

The graphics on the cards are bright and bold. The chains made of sturdy plastic. Because of the levels of concentration needed for this task - it was very quiet while she was busy focusing on the task in hand. 

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

Princess Ruby
This one was a hit from the very beginning. Lots of bits and bobs to manipulate. I left Neve to decorate Ruby as she please and she went on to do a handful of designs. Each time she explored the materials and used her fine motor skills to thread, pinch, link and place.

She took on board that there was an opportunity for colour and shape recognition. She went into story telling mode while she waa doing this activity too. Imagination is a wonderful thing. I always love observing this kind of play. Its when you can really see a burning desire to be creative, in the mind of a child.

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

Beach Blocks
This pack is great, not only for recognising numbers but appreciating what the quantity of that numbers looks like. There is an initial pack that covers numbers 0-9 and an extension pack that I would highly recommend too. The extension pack covers numbers 10-20. You can add to the collection as you feel your child is ready to move onto the next set of numbers.

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

This pack came complete with a pen. A pen that Neve was overjoyed to see as she uses the same ones at school. She used the guidelines to form her numbers and she enjoyed wiping them off to redo them. I also couldn't resist giving it a go. The pends write beautifully on the glossy card and wipes off with no effort. The pens do not stain or smear on the card - making them as good as new, even after use.

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

Hanging Out
There are lots of learning opportunities, once again with this pack. One side is a washing line where you can peg up the clothing. The flip side is a set of figures that need dressing up. It was great fun matching up the outfits and talking about the different occupations. We went on to talk about the People who Help us in the community too.

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

This is part of a level 2 Pincer Grip pack from Little Scribblers World. It is the next step children proceed onto from simply picking objects up. This pack is about manipulating the pegs to open and close them at the correct times using the pincer grip. It helps to strengthen the muscles in little hands and they develop hand eye co-ordination.

Why are activities that work on Pincer Grip so Important?
With a strong and controlled pincer grip children can twist dials, open and close zips, turn pages in a book and use a pencil with better precision. This enables them to explore the world around them a little more deeper.

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

Shape Up
This pack contains the most adorable silicone shaped cups. Neve had to look over the picture and correctly identify and match the shapes with the silicon cups. Once the cups were in place, she used the tweezers to pick up the pom poms and drop them into the cups. 

She loved doing this. There are so many designs in this pack. It offers variety and something for so many different interests. Once she was getting the hang of it - we added our stopwatch to the activity and challenged her to complete the activity in a faster time than before (something she really enjoyed). 

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

This pack is bursting with colour and child friendly graphics. It has been designed to help introduce pre-writing patterns that are used before the introduction of writing.

Children are invited to use a whiteboard pen and follow the lines. The cards contain the pencil strokes that most letters, numbers and early drawings are comprised of.

Little Scribblers World Busy Bags

We shall be using these a lot! Even if your child is at the writing stage, like my daughter is currently - this pack is great for developing control which in turn will help with your child's handwriting. The cards are addictive to draw on - it effortless.

Lets take a look at the packs in action:


But why are these packs so good?

A few reasons we really liked these packs -
  • The resources are quality. They will last.
  • Designs are bright and inviting.
  • The hard work has been done for you.
  • The activities are presented in such a fun way - you can work on a child's learning without them even knowing, because they are too busy having fun.
  • The cards are jam packed full of information and ways to extend and develop an activity and your child's learning.
  • You don't have to come from an educational background to have success with the activities and understand the benefits.
  • The packs don't work on just one area of learning - they work on many.
  • They're compact meaning they are easy to take anywhere.
  • Very good value for money.
How will I know which packs are suitable for my child?
All packs are banded in levels and the descriptions over on the Little Scribblers World website explains fully the stage where the activities in question will be beneficial.

The introductory level set of activities can be a fun and easy way for children to become familiar with basic patterns, leading to the introduction of simple drawing, letters and numbers.

Each pincer grip pack moves onto harder tasks, as they develop more strength in their fingers. Once they are ready for writing and reached the stage where they are ready to hold a pencil well, the packs progress through the pre-writing stages. 

So who is behind this company?
A family of teachers. Teachers who believe that learning should be fun. Teachers with a passion to create resources that will make a difference

Do the packs tie in with a Curriculum?
The packs are underpinned by a full modular learning curriculum that allows a child to build a strong foundation of early developmental skills. This ties in with the National Curriculum Early Years Framework along with extensive input from early years school teachers and Occupational Therapists.  

Every pack and series has a range of skills built in so that children not only learn and develop different skills, but they can work on developing concentration, as they play with the packs for longer periods of time. 

You can browse all the packs here - Little Scribblers World.

This is a fantastic resource. Very well made and each pack crammed with quality items and learning. The activities are easy to follow and they are great for adults to get a deeper understanding on how children learn and the different steps that are required in order to progress. 

I have the packs out and they are handy for the children to use as they please. I don't think there has been a day gone by that they haven't played with them. They have been invaluable at keeping the children entertained on outings too. 

All activities come in a zipped pouch, keeping the contents together neat and tidy. 

We received all of the packs mentioned above in order to write this review to share with you. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

I would like to thank Little Scribblers World for working with us. It has been great fun and a real pleasure using your activity packs. 

Learning Through Play
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