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Paint Printing Art with Q-Tips

Paint Printing Art with Q-Tips

One thing I love doing so much with the children is painting and creating outdoors. The sun has returned here in Birmingham so today we have been busy out in the garden with our paint stash. 

The artwork created today is going to be created into some colouring lanterns once they've all dried. It involved some really awesome process art and that's what I want to share with you today - paint printing art using q-tips. 

I am sharing on our stories on Instagram lots of simply play ideas so make sure you're following us over there too. This week this post went CRAZY over there with lots of people saying they were going to try it out too.

Paint Printing Process Art with Q-Tips

To do this activity I grabbed our white activity tray. Now I've completed the activity I wish I would have used a dark coloured tray as the paint has stained the white tray quite bit. I currently have it in soak hoping to lift the stains but we will see. 

That is something to be mindful of however - not only the container you use but make sure surfaces are protected where needed.

Paint Printing Process Art with Q-Tips

We squirted paint into the tray and tilted the tray up and down to make the paint spread across the tray. It made some lovely patterns as the paint swirled and mixed together.

Paint Printing Process Art with Q-Tips

Using a Q-Tip we pulled it through the paint to create some beautiful swirls. It reminded of of the shaving foam painting we have done previously.

Paint Printing Process Art with Q-Tips

Once happy with the swirls created we looked at capturing the process art by placing carefully a sheet of A4 white paper directly onto the paint.

Paint Printing Process Art with Q-Tips

We rubbed our hands over the paper to make sure that it was all sat down nicely into the paint. We didn't press down too hard as we didn't want the paint to squelch out too much and distort the artwork below it.

Paint Printing Process Art with Q-Tips

It was time to carefully peel the piece of paper back and wow what a wonderful reveal it was. Stunningly, vibrant colours coming together to create stunning results. 

Lets see this activity in action:

We did this a handful of times and as the paint began to thin on the tray it meant that you were able to draw on the tray using the Q-Tips. This reminded me of a lovely activity I saw over on Find the Little Mind on Instagram.

The children took it in turns drawing with their Q-Tips before placing a sheet of A4 paper on top to capture it! So much fun and it looked great! Their little faces as they lifted the paper up to reveal their lovely Q-Tip drawings was just magic!

Now we have lots of lovely artwork outside drying in the sunshine. I'm looking forward to using some of them to create some lanterns. 

Remember to come and see us on Instagram too for simple play ideas.

Paint Printing Process Art with Q-Tips

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