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Water Break Its Neck Waterfall

Water Break Its Neck Waterfall - Family Days Out. Places to visit in the UK.

After a busy week at work and school we really wanted to get out this weekend. Now the children are back at school and routine is tight at times submerging ourselves in walks and adventures outdoors is our best way to connect and de-stress as a family. 

We have had this wonderful place on the list for some time now so off we set. We love water so anything with streams, waterfalls, lakes or the sea will always be our cup of tea. We love watching peoples ventures on YouTube and we have seen so many lovely walks around this place. 

We packed a picnic as we always do. James had done all the sandwiches and on autopilot he had cut the crusts off mine and his sandwiches - did make us laugh! It was a dry but chilly day. The leaves on the Autumn turn and looking rather beautiful. 

Another destination you may enjoy - Llandal Darwin, Peak District

Water Break Its Neck Waterfall - Family Days Out. Places to visit in the UK.

The postcode that I give to this location below will take you onto the road, you need to look out for signposts for parking. The car park is quite small but it wasn't a place that was overrun with people. Walks are relatively short too so I think people spend around an hour if that here. If you venture off and do all the different walks and play in the streams as we did your trip here could easily last a couple of hours. 

The Warren has been a popular destination with tourists for over 200 year because of the spectacular waterfall. It was named for it's rabbit warren which was once a source of food in the area. 

Water Break Its Neck Waterfall - Family Days Out. Places to visit in the UK.

We got our wellies, suits and walking boots on and we headed to the sign post to check out the different walks available. As we were craving a good walk today we took the 45 minute blue trail. It took us up through pine forests and promised a spectacular view overlooking the waterfall. I didn't think it was spectacular as there is so much overgrowth it does block the views significantly.

This route did give areas where waters flowed down into the waterfall that would be safe for older children to paddle and play in. I did some some dogs playing in here too. Loving life! 

Do check out this location too - St Ives Porthgwidden Beach

On this route once you've gone by this stream area and walked up an incline there is a sheer drop to walk down which can be pretty lethal underfoot during rainfall or autumn and winter months in particular when leaves and nature debris litter the floor. They do shut this walk off half way sometimes so that is something to be mindful of as you only find that out once you're half way around this route. It is not suitable for pushchairs or buggies. 

Water Break Its Neck Waterfall - Family Days Out. Places to visit in the UK.

We did this route and enjoyed it. It's a route that takes you through lots of lovely woodland and streams. Lots of opportunities to play and spot something new - plants/wildlife. We loved looking at all the mushrooms and fungi growing! We are snapping lots of photos of them at the moment. I will print them all off soon and give my daughter who is almost 8 the challenge to find names of some of them. She will enjoy that. 

Once we had completed our blue route walk we picked up the green and red routes which lead you down to the waterfall. If you were to head straight to the waterfall from the car park it would only take you around 15-20 minutes. It's downhill on the way to it but be mindful that once you're down you have to go uphill on the way back. 

Water Break Its Neck Waterfall - Family Days Out. Places to visit in the UK.

The walkway round to the waterfall isn't suitable for wheelchairs or buggies. It can get rather narrow at times. There are lots of tree roots that stick up from the ground and there are a few steps to get down/up. 

What I absolutely adored about this location is how quiet it was. It wasn't packed out of people (whether that changes at certain times I don't know) - the car park would suggest not??

Water Break Its Neck Waterfall - Family Days Out. Places to visit in the UK.

We stood watching the force of the water for a long while. The sides of the waterfall are dripping with water too which created little waterfalls which the children enjoyed playing in with their waterproofs on. What a gorgeous spot!

Lets take a closer look at this location:

We have had lots of rain the last few days so it meant we had a real show. You can cross the stream here and head up towards the waterfall again. This is a better spot to capture a photo and a spot that people miss. 

Wellies and waterproofs are a must no matter what time of year you go. Something to keep in mind here - if it has been particularly dry the waterfall does stop flowing. I had a few messaged when shared this on social media from people telling me how disappointed they had been as they didn't realise it does stop. If the waterfall is a main reason you are visiting make sure it's been nice and wet. 

We also enjoyed exploring here - Ynys Y Pandy Slate Mill and Lake

Walking away from the fall and ending the pathway the waterfall is on right ahead is a bridge. This area was lovely too. There was a steel tunnel that allows the water to flow down. Big enough to stand up in. The children loved walking through here. I was roped into it the first time too. Well worth a venture over to while you're here.

Water Break Its Neck Waterfall - Family Days Out. Places to visit in the UK.

This place really does get a 10/10 rating from us. It has so much to offer - bridges, streams, waterfalls, and an abundance of nature. We follow the lovely Stacey Solomon on Instagram and she has just recently been to Water Break your Neck. If you were watching her family holiday play out then this is the location they were loving too!

How do you get here?

Here are the location details. You will need to follow the sat nav and look out for the parking sign as you go down the road its on. We missed it first time and had to turn around. 

Location - Break your Neck Waterfall- New Radnor, Presteigne LD8 2TN.

If you do visit here I would love to hear how you got on!! Do get in touch. Make sure you are following us over on out social channels below so you don't miss out on more fun destinations to visit.

Water Break Its Neck Waterfall - Family Days Out. Places to visit in the UK.

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